The Death of Tomorrow


We recall with ever rising sorrow

How today murdered tomorrow

And how the rest of the future lies fallow

Buried in deep trenches that began as mere furrows


The buzz has been blown and the future is dead

One vote is hanging by the skin of its bleeding yellow teeth

At a massive pillar stuck rigid at jail house's entrance

Firmly anchored in a concrete stoep of adamant reign


All the bright lights are off

Tomorrow is bleaker than yesterday

Another unfortunate ballot box is floating and bobbing

Main course of an angry river

Flooded to the brim with the blood of the hopeless Dripping from the heart of their wounded souls


The once bright sky is ever dull

The weather is uglier than the countenance of the devil

Time has been booby trapped in the quagmire of death

Who roams around dimly lit avenues

Blocking the route meant to take us to freedom day


Tomorrow will never be with us again

For today's feet are bogged down in murky mud

Which sucks and sucks and sucks at our beings

Drowning the straws meant to rescue the plight of the people


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