Is Marriot part of the Dynamos problem ?

What is surprising is that there is not much activity going on - football wise - during this time yet this is the period that presents the most problems for the Dynamos family.

Those who follow Dynamos might have noticed that every year during the off-season break, there is upheaval within the club, resulting in the departure of one or two members of the club leadership.

What is surprising is that there is not much activity going on - football wise - during this time yet this is the period that presents the most problems for the Dynamos family.

Instead of going out in search of talent to build a strong team for the coming season, those in position of leadership are busy spending their energy on internal politicking aimed at consolidating their power.

It should be remembered that it was during this same period in 2023 that chairman Isaiah Mupfurutsa was pushed out of the club and the pattern has continued in 2024 with the sacking of vice chairman Vincent Chawonza.

Prior to that, it was Solomon Sanyamandwe who also found himself by the wayside, less than six months after he had taken over from Keni Mubaiwa who himself decided to run away from the impending axe.

What is ironic is the coincidence in the events leading to most of the departures which have pointed to gossip and bootlicking in the fight for power.

What is even interesting is that there has been a high increase of arrivals and departures of the club's leaders since the day Benard Marriot took over as board chairman following the demise of Richard Chiminya.

What we are not sure of is whether Marriot is also not part or source of the problem himself or that he is just failing to bring order to the club.

In fact, insiders at Dembare claim that Marriot has become so powerful and that his tendency to listen to gossip has brought about this continued infighting within the club.

In fact, the insiders add that Marriot has become too close to some while not paying attention to others, something that has created tension and the division that exists in every leadership he has appointed to run the club.

What cannot be hidden is that there are a lot things going on behind the scenes at Dynamos and the 'King Maker' - as Marriot is sometimes referred to - must find better ways of resolving the problem rather than being part of the crisis himself.

What, however, should be avoided is to allow this kindergarten lifestyle to boil and spill over to the coaches and ultimately to the players as this could have some far reaching repercussions.

Some might recall how these divisions forced the departure of Kalisto Pasuwa, arguably the second most successful coach to handle Dynamos after Sunday Chidzambwa.

It would also be dishonest to ignore the connection between the sacking of Tonderai Ndiraya and later that of Hebert Maruwa with the political game of chess that is being played behind the curtains at Dynamos.

The toxic atmosphere at the club should not be allowed to percolate down to the players because Zimbabwean football and the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League need Dynamos at its best and in a normal condition.

A Dynamos at its best helps improve domestic football standards because every team wants to beat a team with a reputation like the 'Glamour Boys' and a Dynamos at its best also helps in increasing revenue for other PSL clubs as the team attracts huge crowds whenever it plays.

Observers have pointed out that the other cause of the infighting at Dembare is because there is no defined role for each member of the executive hence they fall into each other's path during the course of action.

In fact, at the moment there is no clearcut policy as to who qualifies to hold a position at Dynamos to the extent that even Caps United supporter can do so as long as he smiles at the appointing authority.

On that premise, it would be advisable for Marriot to introduce a systematic way of appointing the club's leadership with well spelt out terms of referance rather than the existing free-for-all.

In fact, this system of a one-man club board of directors board has failed Dynamos and Marriot should ask himself and also answer the question himself whether he does not need assistance.

In fact the 'The King Maker' should consider doing the simple thing of appointing a board of directors that will in turn appoint the executive that runs the club while he sits at home to enjoy the fruits of having been there when Dynamos was formed in 1963.

Should that fail, then Dembare should go back to the proven old systen when the club had a membership that elected the leadership of the team - the same system that is working efficiently at Highlanders.

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