Divine insight: The art of dreaming dreams

One biblical example is Pharaoh's dream, which was not just a personal reflection but a divine revelation intended to preserve Israel and the world from famine.

There is a strong outpouring of spiritual gifts in our generation, and we have witnessed significant manifestations especially  of prophetic gifts. I recall a man of God speaking about a vision of a future generation, That would follow his generation marked by an unprecedented level of prophetic insight and spiritual vision. His vision showed him  a future where individuals would possess such accuracy in the spirit that it would astonish the world, questioning the nature of these people . The Bible speaks to this, stating, 'I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh… ' This implies that God desires to work through our flesh working with  us as vessels,indicating a forthcoming prophetic generation.

The Bible says the glory of the letter shall be greater than that of the former  house showing there is even a greater move beyond what we have seen in our generation. Joel 2:28 further says   'Your old men shall dream dreams,' These are not old man because of their age but those who have  matured in their faith in Christ. It distinguishes between ordinary dreams, which are often a reflection of one's personal life and concerns, and dreams inspired directly by the spirit of God. Joel's vision of 'old men dreaming dreams' refers to those mature in the faith receiving dreams inspired by God, impacting not just the individual but generations.

One biblical example is Pharaoh's dream, which was not just a personal reflection but a divine revelation intended to preserve Israel and the world from famine. This demonstrates that some dreams are divine communications meant to have a broader impact.

If Joseph hadn't been able to interpret Pharaoh's dream, countless lives would have been lost. This underscores why God entrusts certain dreams to the mature; He knows that those who are inexperienced or 'babes' in spiritual understanding might not steward such revelations properly. The Bible's reference to 'old men dreaming dreams' highlights that those who are spiritually mature are better equipped to execute God's plans. This capability is more about execution than anything else.

So, how does one advance to a level of maturity where they receive and steward such dreams effectively? It begins with valuing and understanding the dreams you receive daily, recognizing that each dream carries significance. Pharaoh was deeply troubled by his dream because he recognized the inherent value of dreams. God chose Pharaoh for this revelation because he not only valued dreams but also had the necessary resources to implement the divine guidance provided.

We live in a prophetic generation, a generation of dreamers. However, spiritual maturity is required to receive and understand the deeper revelations from God. The Bible makes an analogy that an heir, as long as he is a child, is no different from a servant, despite being the lord of all. There are certain revelations and responsibilities God will not entrust to us until we mature spiritually.

The Bible talks about maturing and says that strong meat belongs to those who, by reason of use, have exercised their spiritual faculties. Spiritual growth, therefore, is a process of active engagement and obedience to God's directives. The more we obey and follow His guidance, the more we mature. The path to receiving dreams that carry divine instructions is through maturity, which in turn is achieved through spiritual exercise.

So, the question becomes: Are you willing to engage in spiritual exercises to mature? Only through such willingness and effort can we become capable stewards of the dreams and visions God entrusts to us.

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