King Mambo petitions BCC over street naming

The petition is being led by King Mambo, real name Mike Moyo.

BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) has been petitioned to name some of its streets and suburbs after the late King Mambo and other notable people who were under his kingdom.

The petition is being led by King Mambo, real name Mike Moyo.

Moyo and his followers on Friday planned to march on the streets of Bulawayo to hand the petition before being blocked by law enforcement agents.

Moyo lamented that the late Mambo kingdom rulers are not being honoured in Bulawayo despite deserving such respect and recognition.

“Our kings are not honoured; we need to name our townships after them. We cannot have areas named Lobengula Old, Lobengula West and North. We need to share. There are also too many places named Pumula, let us share our history,” Moyo said.

According to the petition, Moyo and his subjects want the local authority to remove parking fees in the city centre.

“I see no improvement here. Businesspeople are affected as customers have resorted to going out of town to get their goods and the parking fees are too high. In South Africa US$1 is equivalent to R20, there you can pay for five hours. The dollar per hour is too much,” Moyo said.

“The police mistreat the vendors. There should be stands and the council should stop harassing vendors. As the people’s king, I am against that.”   

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