Council crackdown on illegal structures

BCC has condemned a number of city buildings that were deemed to be dilapidated

BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) approved building plans in May, which are valued at US$5 257 650, amid a crackdown on illegal structures.

The developments are revealed in the latest council report on the building control section monthly statistical report where housing director Dictor Khumalo, presented the statistics.

 "A total of 241 building plans with a value of US$4 228 400 were submitted in June 2023, a decrease of 2, 82% compared to the May 2023 figure," the minutes read in part.

“A total of 3 438 inspections were carried out in June 2023 constituted an increase of 11,44% as compared to the previous month total. All monitoring activities progressed well in the month albeit the known challenges of inadequate transport and staff levels.”

According to the report, council was concerned over the construction of new buildings without approved plans.

“The section was following up on all illegal structures that had so far been identified issuing final notices and charging penalties on defiant illegal developers,” the minutes read.

“In the month of June, nine properties were charged with penalties for carrying out construction work without approved plans.”

According to council bylaws, no new building should be occupied without a certificate of occupation issued by the local authority.

“As such the department inspectors routinely issued certificates of occupations to new residential developments that complied with the bylaws.

“On issuing of the occupation certificate the number of new toilets were recorded and forwarded to the financial director for sewerage billing for areas with sewer reticulation.”

Council also condemned a number of buildings that were deemed dilapidated and unfit for occupation.

“The section was in the process of following up on all identified buildings while also issuing out notices on the newly identified buildings,” the council said.

Those found to be on the wrong side of the law were fined.

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