‘Parents must closely monitor their children’

Seventh Day Adventist Church members and the Salvation Army band march during the drug awareness campaign

GOVERNMENT has urged parents to always monitor their children’s daily activities to help fight drug abuse.

The call was made by Bulawayo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Judith Ncube during a drug awareness campaign spearheaded by the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) in Lobengula West at Mountain View shopping centre in Bulawayo last week.

Ncube said parents and guardians’ involvement in their children’s lives was key to curbing drug abuse.

“To the parents, I urge you to know your child’s activities and friends. This way, you may be proactive and prevent potential pitfalls before they occur,” Ncube said.

“To the youth, who are struggling with drugs, I encourage you to enrol into a drug awareness programme. Such programmes not only empower you with knowledge but also the nuts and bolts of breaking free from the grip of drugs.”

Ncube indicated that according to research, about 57% of country’s young people abuse drugs.

“Key findings of a study conducted in Zimbabwe indicate that the prevalence of drug abuse is at 57% among young people and the most commonly abused drugs and substances are marijuana and alcohol.

“According to global estimates, about 5,5% of the population between 15 and 64 years have used drugs at least once in the past year, while 36,3 million people, or 13% of the total number of persons who use drugs suffer from drug use disorders,” she said while pledging government’s commitment to eliminating drug and substance abuse.

The Health ministry Bulawayo Provincial  Medical Director representative, Lizzi Ndebele said various age groups consumed drugs, some without knowing.

“When it comes to the abuse of drugs it is not only the youth involved, people are abusing all sorts of stuff. Abusing substances cause a lot of damage to body organs such as the liver, lungs, mind and dysfunctional families,” Ndebele said.

“It is incumbent upon each member of society to exercise restraint in what the body may seem to be craving for. Educating and warning the youths against them is paramount.”

Mountain View SDA Church acting pastor Adam Moyo said: “We did this programme thinking of some of us who grew up consuming drugs. So we thought it would be best for us to do something.”


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