City residents rap Zinara

Zimbabwe National Roads Administration

Bulawayo residents have criticised the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) over the use of toll fee funds, which they feel must be channelled towards rehabilitating the city's deteriorating road network.

Zinara took over the collection of toll fees on October 1, 2013. Residents are, however, questioning whether the funds are being channeled to the right place.

“We are not saying they are abusing the money, but we just want to know how they are using it with the state of roads in the city,” Lizwilethu Sibanda told Sunday Southern Eye.

Tendai Chiwera said the city’s road infrastructure has deteriorated despite the collection of toll fees.

Zinara communications officer, Tendai Mugabe refused to comment on the matter. Last year, the Bulawayo City Council threatened to sue Zinara over the disbursement of road rehabilitation funds.

City fathers were in agreement that Zinara should be taken to court and the local authority given back the power to collect vehicle licensing funds.

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