Japan avails US$800K humanitarian kitty

THE Government of Japan has availed nearly US$1 million to fund six projects on landmine clearance, education and health across the country.

The projects, funded under the Grant Aid for Grassroots Projects (GGP), will be carried out in different parts of the country such as Rushinga, Mudzi, Hwedza, Bikita and Lupane.

Ambassador Shinichi Yamanaka yesterday said the projects would make a positive impact in identified communities.

“The GGP hold a unique position among the many kinds of cooperation Japan provides in Zimbabwe,” he said at the signing ceremony yesterday.

The agreements for the projects were signed between the Japanese Ambassador and the heads of the six implementing non-governmental organisations.

“This is because they have a bottom up approach. Ordinary people can see the needs in their local communities, define their own goals and how to achieve them,” Yamanaka said.

“The projects have a very local focus and this also gives the local community a sense of ownership in the projects.”

The GGP and human security projects seek to provide support to improve basic human needs, such as education, health, food and nutrition security, water, sanitation and hygiene.

GGP was launched in Zimbabwe in 1989, and 156 projects have been implemented so far, with funding totalling over US$16 million.

The project for mine clearance in Mashonaland Central and Mashonaland East provinces will be implemented by The HALO Trust, though a US$507 019 funding.

Japan has been supporting HALO to clear landmines since 2013 with the aim of making Zimbabwe a landmine-free country by 2025.

The project for construction of school buildings in Vamba Primary School in Hwedza district will be carried out by SOS Children’s Village, through a US$72 000 funding.

The project for provision of two second-hand ambulances for ear, nose and throat (ENT) Examination throughout Zimbabwe will be implemented by WizEar Trust through a US$39 363 provided in funding.

The project for provision of two second-hand ambulances for emergency medical services at Silveira Mission Hospital in Bikita district will be implemented by SolidarMed, through a US$39 198 funding.

The project for provision of medical equipment for ophthalmic examination and treatment will be conducted by SightSavers, with US$72 910 provided in funding.

The project for construction of school buildings in Gobakhulu Primary School in Lupane district, will be carried out by Hand in Hand Zimbabwe with US$71 999 provided in funding.

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