Byo family loses property to fire

Some of the household property lost in the inferno

A FAMILY from Pumula South suburb in Bulawayo yesterday lost property worth ZWL$15,9 million in a fire incident.

Bulawayo acting chief fire officer Linos Phiri said the fire was caused by an electrical fault.

“Fire brigade suspects an overheated cooking utensil left on an electric coil stove unattended ignited flammable room contents and was further fuelled by liquid petroleum gas partially leaking from a 3kg LPG cylinder,” Phiri said.

“According to witness accounts, two siblings aged 16 and 10 were left alone at home when their parents went to sell wares in town. Subsequently, the 16-year-old left his younger brother home cooking kapenta fish and a bun on the stove while he went outside to play.

“The younger brother stated that there was a power failure before he finished cooking. He then took his uncooked food, locked the house and went to eat outside. Later, he was alerted by his friends that the house was on fire.”

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