State withdraws charges against journalist

Xolisani Ncube

Freelance journalist Xolisani Ncube, who was accused of armed robbery saw charges against him withdrawn after the State conceded that it had no case against him.

Regional magistrate Clever Tsikwa freed Ncube at the close of the State case due to lack of evidence linking the journalist to the commission of the offence.

Prosecutor, Loveit Muringwa conceded that the State had failed to prove their case against the journalist to the charge of armed robbery in which he was tried together with Joseph Phiri, Clever Mununudzi Nengomasha and Micheal Mudumani Mandoro—forcing the magistrate to demand that the charges be withdrawn.

“I will not ask why you are not withdrawing the charges after plea. Because all you have said points to that. Essentially you are letting the court decide on a matter that is clear,” said Tsikwa after the state had conceded that it had no case against Ncube.

“The law is very clear; you have the powers to withdraw the charges at any point after plea when you realise that there is no evidence to support your case,” Tsikwa said.

Muringwa responded: “I had not consulted on that aspect but indeed the concession I have made mean that the state will not suffer any prejudice if the accused is discharged.”Ncube who was represented by Admire Rubaya and Malvin Mapako, had denied the allegations.

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