Steel manufacturing industry bullish

zisco steel mine.

ZIMBABWE’S manufacturing industry is confident that the steel sector is set to improve once the country starts making its own steel, Research and Development Zimbabwe Institute of Foundries chief executive Dosman Mangisi has said.

Mangisi said there were positive strides being taken that would see Zimbabwe being able to manufacture its own steel.

“There are some positive strides towards value addition and beneficiation in the country based on our research and development aspect, though it’s a slow take due to a number of challenges like power because it is key in processing as plants need a lot of energy,” Mangisi said.

He, however, said even though power was a challenge, Zimbabwe could look for alternative sources of energy that would power the plant so that manufacturing of steel commences in the country.

“There is also a need to regulate coal, which is also another source of energy that can be used to power plants so that we start manufacturing,” he said.

Zimbabwe used to have a thriving manufacturing sector during the time ZiscoSteel, Zimasco, Zimcast and Zimalloys were at their peak.

However, the country has failed to value add its various minerals that include gold, platinum, lithium and diamonds, among others.

Mangisi said the processing of iron is expected to take shape later this year.

“That alone will be able to rejuvenate the Zimbabwean industry and we will be having finished metal products that include pig iron, cast iron, mild steel and also high carbon steel. Zimbabwe is currently importing 75% of its steel requirements.

“That in turn will also activate the chrome industry because to make steel you need chrome. There will be serious activity in the mining of chrome, therefore, it’s a positive step in the country to see these things happening,” Mangisi added.


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