Zinara hikes Z$ toll fees

Zinara Tollgate

THE Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) has hiked toll fees in local currency with effect from February 1, 2023.

In a statement yesterday, Zinara said the toll fees in local currency will apply in terms of Section 4 of Statutory Instrument 32 of 2021, which states that toll fees which are pegged in foreign currency are payable in Zimbabwean dollars at the prevailing foreign currency auction rate.

The hike in toll fees came as Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s foreign currency auction results showed that the Zimbabwe dollar continues to be on freefall, and is now trading at Z$801 to the US$, up from Z$732 last month.

Toll fees were last reviewed in October 2022.

For light vehicles, toll fees were hiked from Z$1 300 to Z$1 600, minibuses from Z$1 950 to Z$2 400, buses from Z$2 600 to Z$3 200, heavy vehicles from Z$3 250 to Z$4 000, haulage trucks from Z$6 500 to Z$8 000.

Zinara said there will be a residential discount for Z$26 000 to Z$32 000 per term for those that stay near tollgates.

The roads authority said US dollar toll fees remain unchanged at US$2 for light vehicles, US$3 for minibuses, US$4 for buses, US$5 for heavy vehicles, US$10 for haulage trucks and US$40 for the residential discount per term.

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