66 journalists killed in 2022


A TOTAL of 66 journalists and media workers have been killed worldwide this year in connection with their profession, indicating a devastating decline in journalists’ safety International Press Institute (IPI) data shows.

IPI is a global network of editors, media executives and journalists who share a common dedication to quality and independent journalism. It has been documenting the killing of journalists since 1997.

According to the report: “This years’ figure marks a steep increase from the total of 45 journalists killed in 2021.”

“Spiralling attacks against journalists in Mexico as well as Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine were leading factors behind the rise in journalist killings. 14 journalists were killed in Mexico in 2022, the deadliest year for that country’s media since 2017.

“Meanwhile, eight journalists were killed covering Russia’s war in Ukraine, including both Ukrainian and foreign reporters,” the data revealed.

Out of the 66 that were killed, 39 of them died as a result of being targeted for their work, 16 in unconfirmed circumstances, seven while covering violence, two covering civil unrest and two while on assignments.

In Africa, three journalists were killed in three countries: Somalia, Chad and Kenya.

Zimbabwe is holding elections next year and the issue of safety for journalists is of serious concern.

A Media Institute of Southern Africa Zimbabwe official said the year 2022 saw an increase in violence against journalists and the media in general, a worrying development with the country expected to hold general elections next year.

“The government has committed to the safety of journalists, but more needs to be done in ensuring a safe environment for media workers. In addition, there’s need to prosecute everyone who perpetrates crimes against journalists as impunity leads to an increase in media violations,” the official said.

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