Police flag self-appointed road rehabilitators

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi

POLICE have warned the public against contracting themselves to repair damaged roads, saying the practice is illegal, disturbs flow of traffic and endangers lives.

For some time now unemployed youths, especially in Harare, have been contracting themselves to rehabilitate heavily potholed roads with well-wishers giving them alms. The youths use brick and soil to cover the potholes.

But police said this disturbed the flow of traffic and ultimately causes road accidents.

"Some are even leaving heaps of soil and bricks on the roads, while others remove the purported bricks and soil once payment has been received as they solicit for more payments or contributions from motorists," national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said in a statement.

“Members of the public must be vigilant when dealing with these cases. The public is urged to report these individuals and groups to the police as these activities are interfering with road safety principles.”

Police also warned beggars to desist from disturbing the flow of traffic in cities, especially those who use people with disabilities in wheelchairs to beg at traffic intersections.

"The police also caution individuals who are moving with some wheelchairs and children and then wait at traffic lights (robots) to seek donations or assistance from the public, this is again interfering with traffic movement and is endangering lives of the individuals.”

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