Brand Zim launched

Monica Mutsvangwa

BRAND Zimbabwe was launched yesterday, with Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa saying tourism remains the leading pillar in advertising the country as a unique brand.

Mutsvangwa said the process of branding Zimbabwe should be taken as an opportunity to reflect on the country’s needs, and how it is perceived by the world. 

“We need to internalise and own the task of image building. This whole process is about us, it is about you and me as shapers and builders of our own destiny,” she said.

“The branding of countries has grown in popularity because governments are recognising that the international perception of a nation is of great importance in the contemporary globalised world.

“When we have a positive reputation in the international community, our tourism, our trade, our portfolio of investment, our diplomatic relations all derive pleasing benefits. There cannot be a better case for branding Zimbabwe.”

Mutsvangwa also noted that agriculture and mining were other good foundations for the brand Zimbabwe initiative. 

“We are renowned for our agricultural prowess and resultant food security. We attained the status of the breadbasket of southern Africa. We are embarking on branding our nation to unite the country. To change its negative image to one that reflects the true identity, aspirations and character of the country and its people,” she added.

Zimbabwe’s image has largely been battered by its poor human rights record and disregard for the rule of law.

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