Mono Mukundu lauds Mokoomba

Clive Mono Mukundu

MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST, guitarist and music producer Clive Mono Mukundu has praised multi-award winning Afro-fusion group Mokoomba, stating that its originality and distinctiveness have helped it to gain recognition across the globe.

Mukundu, who was speaking on the Denny J Show, urged musicians to embrace and develop originality instead of imitating other nationalities.

“Due to global preference of originals over copies, this factor alone makes it more difficult to succeed internationally. This is one of the reasons why there is just one international act from the 2000s generation and that is Mokoomba; which performs organic live music,” he noted.

In February, the group headlined the Marrabenta Festival in Marracuene, Mozambique alongside musician Morena Leraba from Lesotho.

The group was in the United States recently for a month-long tour and it is set to perform this Friday at Alliance Francaise in Harare.

Mukundu also noted that there were diverse rhythms in the country which musicians should strive to develop instead of copying other nations.

He further mentioned that while there are digital evolutions in the country's music, these are basically imitations of other nationalities.

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