Young TV personality flaunts ‘God-given’ gifts

Annah Mazura

AN ambitious Annah Mazura is a girl of many talents who believes her aura, charisma and confidence which land her roles in emceeing, television presenting, acting and at times as a video vixen are God-given gifts. The 21-year-old television personality has a dream to conquer showbiz as she aspires to be one of the most admired figures in the entertainment sector. The Mufakose-based artist has vowed to be an upgraded version of her father, affectionately known as Boss Bingu, one of the influential characters in the suburb of Mufakose due to his work in uplifting the Zimdancehall artistes at his Bingu Village Studios (BVS).The former presenter for the local popular television show Young Gifted and Talented (YGT), Mazura is aiming for the stars. She was one of the presenters at the recently held pageant, Miss University of Zimbabwe. NewsDay Weekender caught up with Mazura who opened up on her showbiz journey.


I cannot say I was inspired by something. It was an inborn thing. I am someone who loves interacting with people and hearing their ideas while also giving my views.

The journey

I started doing this when I was in primary and secondary school. That is when I gained my confidence. When I was in Form Five, I worked with Ngoma Yarira TV known as NY TV, an online television. I would interview up-and-coming artistes and also some local actors. And when I was in Form Six, I then joined the ZBCtv as a presenter on the popular afternoon show for the youths called YGT. I, however, did not start by directly joining YGT at the ZBC studios, but I started by recording my sessions outside before they called me. Before joining ZBCtv, I had hosted an event called Poetry Red Carpet.

Current settings

I am currently working with Jive TV and I am also part of Zim Talent which discovers talent in our local arts and entertainment industry.


I am also an actress. I love acting. I once featured on a reality film or show called Dating My Friend that was shown on ZBCtv. I am still finding my position in acting and if I am to get a chance, I am all in. My dream is to be a most sought-after personality in showbiz and I  am also aiming to be a radio personality.


I love music so much. I would love to be a radio personality someday. My dream is to be a big brand in the arts and entertainment sector. My goal is to work with bigger brands that are in the arts and entertainment sector.

Video Vixen

I have featured on the visuals of some of the popular dancehall artistes in the country. I featured on Nutty O’s visuals for the song Sister Betina and on two of Jah Master’s videos for the songs Ndoozvitaura and Tete Nemuroora.

Role model

My father is my role model. He has done a lot in this entertainment industry. He has groomed and promoted underground artistes especially Zimdancehall musicians. He is a man who is strong and consistent in whatever he wants to do in life. I see him as my role model because if I could look back from where he started and where he is now. I can see that he is a hardworking man. I feel that if I follow his footsteps I will be successful. I want to be a step ahead of him though.


I want to use my education to enlighten people through the media. Currently, I am studying for a degree in religion, leadership and society at University of Zimbabwe. The reason I chose this programme is because I wanted to study the relationship between religion and the society that we come from. My wish is to do a talkshow that enlightens people about religion and society while linking it with our culture. Religion is at the centre of our lives. I know a lot of people have done what I want to do, but I will do it in my own way and go an extra mile.

Love for the youths

I believes the youths in the ghetto can achieve greatness if given proper guidance. I love people and being always around ghetto youths because I believe that in the ghetto, we have got great minds even though at times we go astray, but trust me, as long as you get guidance in the ghetto you will never fail.

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