Gospel music should go beyond spreading the word: Mutambikwa

MUTARE-BASED gospel musician Jairos Mutambikwa

MUTARE-BASED gospel musician Jairos Mutambikwa (pictured) believes gospel music should go beyond spreading the word of God. NewsDay Weekender caught up with Mutambikwa, a United Methodist member, who shared his journey in music among other issues.

Who is Jairos Mutambikwa?

I was born and bred in Mutare and my rural home is Samutete village in Honde Valley. After attending my primary and secondary school, I enrolled into a technical college for artisanship training. I am now a welder and a coach builder of repute.

Journey into music

I am a member of the United Methodist Church and a dedicated church man, Mubvuwi. I started my musical career in 2002 when I joined the Mutare District MUMC Choir. In 2007, I was among other founding members of the popular Ndire Ndire Hilltop Wabvuwi which has now rebranded to Hilltop and Friends MUMC Choir.

I was the brains behind its first recording. I have done two albums with the Hilltop choir in which I featured as a drummer.

In 2010, I was elected to be the chairperson for the Mutare District MUMC Choir and I sourced funds from Mark Connan for recording the album Padyo Nemuchinjkwa. The album did very well on the market and in furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in and outside Mutare.

Shift to contemporary gospel

Driven by entrepreneurial and growth needs, I changed gears and opted for contemporary gospel music and eventually recorded my first album, with six tracks titled Humambo. The album has tracks, Humambo, Pasi Idandaro, Dzokerai Panzvimbo Dzenyu, Naiwo Masimba and Nganditungamirwe.

Two years later, I recorded a traditional gospel music album with tracks Ndakadaidzwa Ndikadaira, Bvumai Ndifambe Nemi, Heaven is the Home, Baba Wangu Ndinodisa, Jesus is My Sherpard and Jordan.

I then produced Ndichaiwaka Church a contemporary single meant to encourage church members to remain committed in sourcing funds for building the UMC head offices in Mutare.

In 2019 I did the UMC history song which gives details of how the church started in 1897 in Mutare.

Ambassadorial roles

My main role is to cement the relationship between residents and the city fathers, while representing the City of Mutare as a brand ambassador. Giving residents the correct information about the beautiful City of Mutare and the nation at large is my core business.

Doing jingles for the local authority was quite an honour and privilege. I did the song Mutare Iguta Redu which resultantly earned me the ambassadorial post. The song encourages residents to be responsible by paying their bills on time. It also highlights what the City of Mutare has achieved like buying refuse trucks, dumper trucks, graders, compactors, ambulances, maintaining clean water and sanitation services in the eastern city among others

In 2021, I did another jingle for the Environment Management Agency which encourages citizens to be responsible by taking care of their environment. The song is widely used during the clean-up campaigns.


I am a double Zimbabwe Community News (ZCN) award winner.

Charity works

I have initiated a number of philanthropic and developmental programmes where I help people living with disabilities to realise their potential.

Chiara ChaWasu

I founded Chiara ChaWasu, a platform where artistes (creatives) meet to fellowship, eat, discuss issues that are affecting our industry here in Manicaland like radio airplay, internet literacy, entrepreneurship and the artistes welfare. The recent gathering was fully supported by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe.

We discussed the welfare of artistes during times of bereavement, how to improve music quality for the purposes of gaining airplay, how to cope up with internet marketing and the way forward on spearheading the inclusion of Manicaland artists at provincial and national level.


I have 31 songs to my credit as a composer, singer and performer. I have six short videos and 13 live on-stage videos, all uploaded on media handles like YouTube.


My collaborations include Wimba naJesu featuring Harare MUMC Choir, Ndofamba Ndofamba featuring Marange Gospel Choir, Jesu Ndiye Ega and Apo Toropito Yake featuring Tatenda Chiwara, Kunamata Kwakanaka with Casper Tsamhiri, Jehovah Ndauya Kwamuri featuring Brighton Angels (Mozambique) and Jehoshaphat featuring Wanza Nyamai (Kenya).

Forthcoming releases

I am now working on a gospel amapiano song to be released at the end of the month.

Parting note

Both renowned and rising musicians should be acquainted with new technologies and the internet, and run a music business. They must record quality work for local and international markets. We should not just wait for radio airplay, but understand the music business concepts that make one rise to the top.

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