Stanbic commissions new head office

He said Stanbic considered Zimbabwe and Africa as its home and the institution had a commitment to drive her growth.

STANBIC Bank Zimbabwe has commissioned its new headquarters in Borrowdale, Harare, as part of efforts to embrace the bold strategy for sustainability and employee wellness.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony on Monday, Stanbic board chairperson Gregory Sebborn said the new head office building will be among a few commercial buildings in southern Africa that combines Green Star certification and the International Well Building Institute's certification.

“Stanbic Bank will get the first green certificate in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“The development we are commissioning today [Monday] aims to embrace the bank's bold strategy for sustainability and employee wellness. It is quite exciting to be a part of this transformational journey as we contribute to a more sustainable future.

“Allow me to zero in more on the sustainability aspect as this is an issue close to my heart personally. Environmental stewardship is at the core of our vision for the new head office and we aspire to meet 2030 net-zero objectives.

"We aim to not only reduce our carbon footprint but also to be a beacon for responsible and forward-thinking corporate.”

Sebborn said the design of the new head office reflected their commitment to innovative waste management, sustainable construction materials, energy consumption reduction and responsible water management.

“By embracing these practices, we demonstrate our dedication to leaving a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve. It demonstrates a commitment to ethical practices and a proactive approach to addressing global environmental challenges,” he said.

Sebborn said the incorporation of a gym, dining facilities, open plan work area, a client centre and an auditorium is a testament to their belief that a supportive and enriched work environment is the foundation for individual and collective success.

The construction of the head office, which is set to create over 400 direct and downstream jobs, kicked off last month and is scheduled to be completed by December next year.

Stanbic Bank chief executive Solomon Nyanhongo said the construction of the head office was a clear indication that the bank was in Zimbabwe to stay.

He said Stanbic considered Zimbabwe and Africa as its home and the institution had a commitment to drive her growth.

“All contractors involved in the construction of our new head office are from Zimbabwe — a testament to our dedication to supporting local talent and expertise. In addition to this, we have committed to procuring 50% of the construction materials locally,” Nyanhongo said.

“The decision is not just a logistical choice but a manifestation of our belief that Zimbabwe is our home and we actively contribute to driving its growth.”

He said the objective of the head office included consolidation of all administrative functions under one roof, employee wellness, environmental responsibility and clients.

Nyanhongo indicated that by investing in local contractors and materials, Stanbic aims to bolster the economy, create employment opportunities and foster a sense of shared prosperity within the community in which the institution operates in.

Land for the head office was purchased in 2016 and the groundwork for the project began in earnest in 2017 to 2019 before being put on hold due to COVID-19. It resumed in 2021 and the design process and final award of the contractor was done last month.


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