Entrepreneur brings beauty into homes

With two branches in Harare and a third one coming, Nyamasoka believes her company will continue providing unparalleled convenience to clients looking for quality yet affordable wares for their homes as well as some nice clothes for their little ones.

Classy Space founder Bertha Nyamasoka, whose company is specialising in kitchen and home ware as well as baby wear, believes she is born for the world of enterprise and will continue playing an important role in bringing beauty into homes locally and abroad.

With two branches in Harare and a third one coming, Nyamasoka believes her company will continue providing unparalleled convenience to clients looking for quality yet affordable wares for their homes as well as some nice clothes for their little ones.

“I have recorded commendable progress and learnt a lot from my business strides to date, but the goal is to grow this brand nationally and internationally,” she said.

“We are providing quality yet affordable kitchen and home ware and we are highly encouraged by the buy-in and feedback from the market.

“We have culinary schools, BnBs, hotels, lodges, retail shops and individual clients buying our products and that validation speaks of a brand that is poised to become a household name.”

An information technology technician by training, Nyamasoka has seen it in all the world of work, but believes it’s her mother’s entrepreneurial acumen and her love for the finer things that pushed her into enterprise and resultantly the birth of her fast-growing company, Classy Space.

“I was born in a family of three and my dad passed on when I was six,” she said.

“My widowed mum who later passed on in 2005 when I was in lower six had to take up the responsibility of fending for me and my two siblings, making sure we had a comfortable life and we are continuing with our studies.

“Though she had an 8am to 5pm job, my mum would supplement her meagre earnings with other income generating initiatives like crocheting and knitting popularly known as kuruka madhoiri ne micheka yema adhenga in vernacular.

“It was through such wisdom that she was able to give us a comfortable life despite the generally difficult situation we found ourselves in after my father died.”

She reckons her mother would sleep late at night, but they would wake up to see her back on her crocheting and knitting business as they prepared for school.

“My mum’s commitment to her business was just amazing,” she said.

“She would be the last to sleep but again we would wake up to find her busy with her business as we prepared for school.

“Such was her commitment to the business with a view to adequately provide for her family.

“It is through learning by watching her that my entrepreneurship journey started.

“When my father passed on, relatives would come check on us and oftentimes I would be given some small money as a gift.

“I would use that money to buy sweets and freezits for resale at home and by that my journey into the world of business started.”

The businesswoman said it was when she joined the professional world working for a local bank that she was officially drawn into the world of business.

“When I got my first job in the IT department at a local bank, I met a friend who used to sell table charm products,” Nyamasoka said.

“Along the way she convinced me to join them and I then started using and selling the products because I naturally had a liking for good things.

“Along the way I realised the products were pricey. I then joined Tupperware where I met one of my current business friend who is running a retail business.

“Along the way I was introduced to shopping in China where I realised that they had a whole range of quality yet affordable products.

“My heart was completely sold out and I then decided to officially register Classy Space in 2021.”

Though she has never been to China, the Classy Space founder has been able to bring in quality products from China over the years including another dalliance with products like lingerie and now to baby wear, kitchen ware and home ware.

“After finding my groove in the world of business through the China connection, I then officially registered Classy Space in 2021 and I have not looked back since then,” Nyamasoka said.

“Yes, I have had my lows in business, even closing shop in some instances, but the calling is bigger than the challenges.

“I am in business to stay and I am happy that over the years I have grown in knowledge and experience which allows me to serve the market well. From here on it can only get better and I thank my clients for the priceless support.”

While her brother moved out when she was four and her sister got married when she was grade six, Nyamasoka reckons the development allowed her to learn the ropes of enterprise closely from her mum and though she passed on during her lower sixth studies, the wisdom and experience she garnered from her has proved worthwhile.

“My brother moved out when I was four and my sister got married when I was in grade six which meant I literally grew up with my mum,” she said.

“That development drew me closer to her by watching her struggles and all she was doing to keep us on our feet.

“Thanks to that experience, I am firmly grounded in all that I do and even when the chips are down, I am inspired by her never say die spirit.

“The wise say great tests, greater testimonies and I subscribe to that life truth as I traverse the world of business.”

Unique about Classy Space is the product quality, pricing, customer experience, after sales support as well as the heavy investment in product knowledge which has seen them teach their clients on product use and how they can bring the home into client’s houses through their product range.

“We have our own edge as Classy Space and this is mainly to do with the quality of our products as well as the price,” she said.

“We also offer unparalleled after sales support to ensure the client gets value for money.

“We give our clients ideas on how to use and pair the kitchen and home ware products as well as how to serve and plate the food because they say you eat with your eyes before you taste the food.”  

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