Nyadombo’s bold move bears fruit

Hardson Nyadombo

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade, so goes the old adage.

This rings true to the life of Hardson Nyadombo whose childhood grapples in rural Nyanga proffered a platform for a promising entrepreneurial journey  in construction.

As a rural boy born in Nyanga, misery and poverty were synonymous with his upbringing after he lost his parents at a tender age.

“Putting food on the table was very hard as well as getting fees for my education and often I had to move from one family to another as a herd boy in order to earn a living,” said Nyadombo.

True to his determined vision to turn around his life and impact on the society as well, Nyadombo withstood all hurdles writing his A’ Level in 2016.

Later he attained a Civil Engineering qualification and is a skilled person in that area.

But upon completion of training, it dawned that securing a job was not easy and this was rather a motivating factor as well.

That saw the birth of Bold Vision Construction in 2019.

The dire employment situation currently obtaining together with the desire to give back to the community through proffering solutions guided him in the initiative.

To date the company employs about 15 people directly while more are co-opted based on current projects

Roofing, truss-designing and supply, painting, and shop partitioning and designing are some of the cutting-edge products and services offered by the company.

Perhaps there is always a better ending in life where character, vision and determination are the benchmarks.

At birth, his name pointed to a bitter life. The name Hardson is translated to mean a hard life for a boy child, him also being the eldest, and the surname “Nyadombo” has connotations of hardness.

Today, Nyadombo is confident about being a supplier of choice in carpentry and construction needs despite business hurdles characterised by the current operational macroeconomic environment.

Diligence, expertise, honesty, and convenience are the factors that set him apart from other competitors, he highlights.

Although based in Harare, the company has positive references across the country. It also supplies timber to customers with free transport for those within the 40-km radius.

However, the young entrepreneur is optimistic that government will continue assisting emerging entrepreneurs such as him through specific accommodative policies such as tax and other regulations relaxation while expanding capital loan facilities.

And in line with his own life journey, Bold Vision Construction is looking forward to creating a game changer inspirational and motivational programme with other partners including government agencies to assist learners and young people in their varied professional and entrepreneurial or creative pursuits as they seek to earn a living, according to Nyadombo.

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