Innovation pays for Alistar Foods

Alistar Foods

Healthy eating is a key component of survival and with many suffering from various diet-related illnesses, brands that promote organic foods have become a big hit.

One such brand is food processing and distribution company Alistar Foods which has become a bit hit with many retail giants as well as ordinary citizens looking for quality and trusted foods.

The company, which was founded in 2019 by enterprising businessman Hatina Ruwuyu, has continued to score new milestones thanks to its dynamism and ability to adapt.

Ruwuyu, whose Alistar Foods brand supplies various food products around Zimbabwe,  encouraged by his company’s continued growth at a time the economy is calling for homegrown solutions to food insecurity and nutrition.

“Alistar Foods started operations in 2019 and it was born out of a desire to produce quality and proudly Zimbabwean foods than can compete on both local and international markets. Our desire is to be the market leader in food production and distribution and our strides to date are encouraging.

We supply a whole range of products among them soya chunks, beans, peanut butter, corn soya blend and porridge to name a few. The response from the market has been encouraging and we are grateful for the marked growth,” he said.

Ruwuyu, whose company boasts of a consignment of distribution trucks that travels the length and breadth of Zimbabwe, said he is happy that his brand has become  a favourite of many with innovation to enhance the work in the pipeline.

“It has been an exciting journey and we continue reinventing in sync with obtaining trends. The amount of interest in our services is encouraging and we are happy that Alistar Foods products are on demand across retail giants and with individual dealers.

We are also going to commission a Corn Soya Blend plus Porridge plant in December to enhance our production capacity towards market satisfaction. We are going all out and we encourage our clients to brace for more innovation,” Ruwuyu said.

The company has also collaborated with leading creatives among them Khiama Boys front man Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria who has confessed great love for Alistar Foods. 

“I am a big fan of healthy eating and this explains why I look younger than my actual age. I believe in quality organic foods and I want to openly endorse Alistar Foods having tested their quality products.

“Our health is our wealth and we must invest in eating trusted foods if we are to live long and avoid unnecessary diseases. Brands like Alistar must be commended for their quality products that are loved in Zimbabwe and beyond,” Madzibaba said.

Ruwuyu also said he was exploring partnerships with non-governmental organisations and government ministries and departments towards feeding programmes that can help fight malnutrition.

“Our Corn Soya blend and porridge are some of the cherished products under Alistar Foods and these can play an important role in ending malnutrition, particularly through community and school feeding programmes,” he said.

“We are therefore exploring ways through which we can work with relevant government departments and ministries as well as  non-governmental organisations towards sustainable feeding programmes as an answer to malnutrition.”

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