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Harare battling housing crisis

But in 2018, a fire gutted the entire flat, leaving Chihwayi and other families out in the cold
By Gamuchirai Masiyiwa Nov. 4, 2022

Binga villagers brace for another displacement

When Esther Musaka was a little girl, a large lorry dropped her family off in the middle of the wilderness.
By Gamuchirai Masiyiwa Nov. 20, 2022

Villagers brace for displacement

Now 72, she remembers her parents piecing together temporary shelters of grass and branches. It took them nearly a year to settle.
By Gamuchirai Masiyiwa Jan. 20, 2023

Job action will not end well for health workers

Rumbidzai says the government believes nurses strike only about salaries but that is not the case.
By Gamuchirai Masiyiwa May. 26, 2023

Zim urbanites crape the barrel

Patsikadova’s story mirrors that of many Zimbabweans who are reeling in poverty as they struggle to survive.
By Gamuchirai Masiyiwa Aug. 16, 2023

Plight of students in satellite schools

Despite the challenges Garimoto faces, he said he still enjoys the independence that comes with living alone.
By Gamuchirai Masiyiwa Oct. 6, 2023

For these Zimbabwean children, a good education means living on their own

“I was afraid of going to live alone, but I was counseled and told that going to live alone was a part of growing up,” says the shy and reserved Garimoto.
By Gamuchirai Masiyiwa Oct. 18, 2023

Feature: Zim’s goal to end Aids is so close — Why are health experts worried?

The mother of two was devastated. She felt betrayed. “I thought that she was going to keep the issue a secret when I confided in her,” she said.
By Gamuchirai Masiyiwa Dec. 11, 2023

After nearly a decade, Chingwizi families thirst for promised water

 They trade grains for vegetables. She feels their lives would be better if they had enough land and water.
By Gamuchirai Masiyiwa Jan. 14, 2024

Remembering Zimbabwean health care system’s heyday

Working in Zimbabwe immediately after independence was a stark difference for Stella compared to what she witnesses today.
By Gamuchirai Masiyiwa Mar. 31, 2024

Amid Zimbabwe’s mass exodus, meet the doctors and nurses who stayed behind

A friend recommended a nearby clinic operating illegally in someone’s home. “I had a conviction that this was the only immediate option,” she says.
By Gamuchirai Masiyiwa May. 16, 2024