Jah Prayzah, Andy Muridzo saga takes new twist

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Muridzo who at one time under the wings of Jah Prayzah at Military Touch Movement (MTM) has been binge-jabbing his mentor in the media for supposed ill-treatment and sabotage during his time at MTM.

BY SINDISO DUBE CONTROVERSIAL singer and self-confessed womaniser,CONTROVERSIAL singer and self-confessed womaniser has made further sensational claims that there is no bad blood between him and his mentor and uncle Jah Prayzah, though the two haven’t spoken in five years.

Muridzo who at one time under the wings of Jah Prayzah at Military Touch Movement (MTM) has been binge-jabbing his mentor in the media for supposed ill-treatment and sabotage during his time at MTM.

Muridzo made claims that Jah Prayzah had strategically established and recruited him under MTM as a way to kill his career as Muridzo had been touted as Jah Prayzah’s rival and possible replacement.

Muridzo also described Jah Prayzah as a greedy leader, who only wanted to better his career over others.

“At MTM the tall guy (Jah Prayzah) took everything. He took all the collaborations in a bid to better himself alone. What are we supposed to do as your people and your children if you take everything,” said Muridzo in an interview.


In his recent interview on Star FM radio station, Muridzo said he doesn’t hate his uncle per se but hates is fighting the people around him, a finger apparently pointed at Jah Prayzah’s management of Keen Mushapaidze and Simba.

“Me and him (Jah Prayzah) don’t have bad blood, I am not fighting him, he is my uncle. It’s his brand that I am fighting with not him as a person, he is a good person. I am in bad books with his team because Jah Prayzah’s ideas and plans that he had with me were changed by someone because you can’t fly someone (Harmonise) from Tanzania so that he can do a collaboration with me and then suddenly you change and say that you are the one to do the collaboration. That alone shows that there is a force behind that changed Jah Prayzah mind,” he said.

Muridzo mentioned one Simba, a member of Jah Prayzah’s team, as someone who influenced Jah Prayzah to change plans that he had initially made and to sabotage Muridzo.

In all these accusations and jabs, Jah Prayzah has remained quiet.

Despite Muridzo saying he was not in bad books with his mentor and uncle, Jah Prayzah’s reaction and silence is enough to show that their relationship is far from cordial and that Jah Prayzah has ‘blacklisted’ his protégée, whom he took from rural Uzumba and accommodated in his house and introduced him to ‘urban’ music.

“We are currently not in talking terms, I want to and I have tried to talk to him but he doesn’t want to.

“I last spoke to Jah Prayzah in 2017, I love that guy (Jah Prayzah), but he is a difficult person.  I call and text him but he never answers nor responds. I met him at Oliver Mtukudzi’s funeral, I tried to talk to him but he ignored me. So I gave up on him,” he said.

Responding to Mushapaidze’s statement that Muridzo was never signed under the MTM stable, the Dherira hitmaker described Mushapaidze as ‘dumb’.

“He (Mushapaidze) said I didn’t sign any contract with MTM but when I wanted to leave I wrote to them and they responded, acknowledging and accepting my request to terminate my contract. So if I never signed anything with them then why would they respond and accept something which is not there. What Keen did was dumb, he showed the whole country how dumb he is,” said Muridzo.

Quizzed to confirm the rumour that his estranged wife, Mai Keketso had an affair with his former manager, Muridzo could neither confirm nor deny.

“I don’t like to talk about this for the sake of my children. My children will grow up and watch these interviews of me talking bad about their mother and it won’t be good,” he said.

Military Touch Movement folded and other members ExQ, Nutty O, DJ Tamuka went on to further their careers. ExQ and Tamuka are now heading Mushroom Media and Nutty O is one of the most sought after artists with almost every big music award in the country. His award winning album Mustard Seed was produced and marketed by Mushroom Media.

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