Out & About: Rich range rules Joya Mooi, Robyn L’s rhythmicity

as Robyn L from Botswana as well as South African-Dutch jewel Joya Mooi, keep the listeners’ ear with the utmost suck as well as domination

808 kicks let the tune breathe more by rightfully playing up filters on beats treed in a percussion sound illustrious for its stentorian — low-frequency bass; as Robyn L from Botswana as well as South African-Dutch jewel Joya Mooi, keep the listeners’ ear with the utmost suck as well as domination — “pitch yowling” present-day music output. Taking care of the aptitude so that the flair takes care of the bunches, the cantabile goddesses know their way around keys and trills; as their pipes hold tilts — crooning on strings cultivated to synthesise magnum opuses.

Gaborone, Cape Town, as well as Los Angeles — being conurbations in which Robyn L splits her stint between; the tried and tested singer-songwriter, producer, and actress arises as a force to be reckoned with in the dynamic empire of alternative pop composition. A fresh graduate from Berklee College of Music — class of 2024 — where she attained a degree in songwriting; this autonomous megastar is grabbing the attention of blues loyalists as well as lullaby buffs universally.

The 21-year-old artist is clued-up to leave an ineffaceable mark on the anthem biosphere. On the back of a toothsome “pop out” of her virgin berceuse ‘Obsession’, Robyn L divulged: “I’m excited for this release!” This imprints the accomplishment of her debut single termed — ‘Malibu Barbie’ — which wreaked over 1 million streams within its first 12-month of being conceived.

Licenced with an out-of-the-way as well as introspective chic, the Motswana chanted chordate is industriously horsey on an apex of whitecaps. She has cultured a worldwide fan base, with a following nearing a cosy half a million on video-focused social networking service — TikTok.

“Obsession’ is the first new song for 2024, with several more on the cards, all ahead of the upcoming album. I’ve worked with fabulous writers and producers, and to bring my work back home to Botswana and South Africa has been top of my list,” Robyn L said.

Her jams are a proof to her versatility, “like a dream” merging spurs from innumerable genres to create enchanting soundscapes. Therewith, Robyn L’s non-too-acne track, ‘Obsession’, is composed to hypnotize masses with its unique sonic groove as well as gripping chronicle.

Stark-naked, heroic, and piercing; Joya Mooi’s cooked up-to-the-second oeuvre blast ‘Don’t Answer’, is menacing yet rousing. More likely than not to nigh pick aficionados’ interests; it is a masterful blend of pensive depth as well as enriching rhythms that calligraphies a weighty moment in the disparagingly applauded Netherlands based vocalist and ballad maker’s embryonic harmonious voyage.

Tender with Joya’s heartening voice; ‘Don’t Answer’ was produced by Easy Freak, a — with a natural fusion of pop, funk, as well as soul — Johannesburg-based duo made up of Jude Kenrick and Dom Hurd. The birdcall subpoenas a moment of peace as well as private space, emphasising the prerequisite to sporadically say “no” for one’s mental health. It is a canon of self-conservancy. Identified for her nonpareil tempi that thornily cords her South African heritage with cosmopolitan stories of identity, elasticity, and the human spirit; Joya — who is signed to Unity Records — continues to enrapture listeners intercontinental with her pulsating melodies.

‘Don’t Answer’ images as a very powerful donut, depicting a subtle yet philosophical resistance contrary to the incessant demands of a fast-paced Earth. The number is an intimate invitation to prioritise personal well-being as well as to discover valor in picking solitude for concord of mind. With its soothing tempos and Joya’s comforting vocals; ‘Don’t Answer’ creates a sanctuary for hearers to contemplate the prettiness of taking a personal day, encapsulated with the saccharine pleasant escape of euphony.

This ditty obliges as a “hole-in-the-wall” into the soul of Joya Mooi, with a universal message of self-respect as well as empowerment. It is a testament to her arty fruition, showcasing a ripened sound that finds synchronisation in lionising both the meditative and jovial jiffies of life.

Unassailable, on ‘Don’t Answer’, Joya invites her disciples to join her in a serene rebellion in contradiction of peripheral pressures, nurturing an equilibrium flanked by onus as well as the indispensable act of self-care. This gem rings extremely with anyone feeling overawed by life’s strains, providing a mellow pretext to hiatus, recharge, and cuddle the expedition of self-discovery.

Hitting the studio; both Joya Mooi as well as Robyn L’s inventive juices are flowing organically as they tailor most noticeable a la mode joints. Despite the fact Robyn is on a mission to turn out to be a household name in the alternative pop panorama and a pioneer in the tonal pattern Monarchy — with an album release date set for the tail zenith of this August; the birth of ‘Don’t Answer’ offers a first foretaste into Joya’s soon to be foaled EP (extended play), which promises to be a compelling mosaic of personal advance, resilience, as well as the unearthing of one’s parameters.

And each banger is a narrative yarn that ties in Quislingism — the individual and collective practices, echoing the strong point found in defencelessness as well as the meek ecstasies that stitch our days together!

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