Rhyme Assassin fulfils dream with M.O.P. collaboration

The beat for Run Em Up inspired Rhyme Assassin to pursue an M.O.P. feature.

UNITED Kingdom-based rapper Rhyme Assassin is celebrating the release of his latest track Run Em Up (Told Ya) as a dream come true. This single, the second off his upcoming debut album Dedicated to Self, features legendary American hip hop duo M.O.P. (Mash Out Posse) and Ruste Juxx.

M.O.P., known for their aggressive lyrics and hardcore beats, rose to fame in the underground scene before achieving mainstream recognition with their 2000 hit Ante Up. The Brooklyn duo frequently collaborates with DJ Premier and is affiliated with the Gang Starr Foundation. Lil' Fame of M.O.P. also produces under the name Fizzy Womack, contributing to their albums since 1996's Firing Squad and working with artists like Kool G Rap and Wu-Tang Clan.

"Having M.O.P. on the track is everything to me," Rhyme Assassin said. "Growing up in Zimbabwe, I listened to them constantly. Sharing a song with them is a dream come true. It's surreal to think about bumping M.O.P with friends back then and now having them on my music."

The beat for Run Em Up inspired Rhyme Assassin to pursue an M.O.P. feature.

"When I heard it, I envisioned them crushing it," he explained. "After reaching out, it took some time, but eventually it all came together.

"For the third verse, Ruste Juxx's style perfectly complements the energy and vibe created by M.O.P."

"Dedicated to Self" boasts an impressive lineup of guest appearances, including hip hop veterans Ras Kass, Masta Ace, Sticman (Dead Prez), Saigon, Craig G, and more. The production credits are equally stacked, featuring Buckwild, True Master, The Arcitype, and many others.

The album's lead single, Rhyme Apostles, showcased Rhyme Assassin's talent alongside established MCs like Crooked I, Canibus, AFRO, and Keith Murray.

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