Tasha Bx: Fusing Afro-sounds with beatboxing

Tasha sees beatboxing as a powerful tool to unite people through unique and innovative sounds.

TWENTY-ONE-YEAR-OLD beatboxer and songwriter Natasha Mashonganyika, known as Tasha Bx, is on a mission to redefine beatboxing. She believes it's more than just a hip-hop art form and she has successfully fused it with afro sounds, creating a broader appeal.

“Beatboxing isn't limited to one genre,” she said in an interview with the Standard Style.

“While hip-hop is its origin, I have been able to incorporate afro sounds like Amapiano and Afro-pop. This opens doors to engage audiences with diverse musical tastes."

Tasha sees beatboxing as a powerful tool to unite people through unique and innovative sounds.

“It's something people are eager to experience because they're ready for fresh and diverse creativity," she said.

Tasha's beatboxing journey began at the age of 10, inspired by her brother Probeatz.

“Seeing him pursue it in high school sparked my excitement. It made me familiar with the art form, and I found it easier to develop my own talent,” she said.

Exposure to talent shows like American Idol and South African Idols further fuelled her passion.

By 16, she took the leap to perform professionally, participating in local talent shows like DreamStar Zimbabwe and Starbrite Zim, which helped her gain recognition.

As a female beatboxer, Tasha faced challenges. “Gender discrimination was the biggest hurdle. In primary school, being a girl beatboxer was met with disbelief and even laughter,” she said.

“Back then, beatboxing wasn't widely known in Zimbabwe, so I felt compelled to prove that gender doesn't matter.”

She turned this challenge into her driving force.

“It pushed me to make a statement and show people that you can achieve anything, regardless of gender,” she said.

Tasha's creative process is spontaneous.

“It can start anytime,” she explains.

“I might hum a melody, beatbox a rhythm, and put them together with lyrics. Inspiration can strike even while doing chores!”

Beyond beatboxing, she's exploring music, fashion design, and even acting. She has participated in a local drama raising drug awareness and released four singles.


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