Ginimbi’s ‘dreams’ shattered…property goes under the hammer

Ginimbi's dream was to make the nightclub a rendezvous for the local, regional and international big spenders.

"THIS is it. It’s going to be a movie here. There will be no place like Dreams. If there is, I will close the following day,” said a bullish Ginimbi on the night his nightclub reopened its doors as Dreams in August, 2019. he probably never saw or dreamt of a day when his empire would crumble or fall from grace to grass like what is transpiring now!

In 2019, Ginimbi closed the then Sankayi night club in Harare only to reopen it as Dreams with a touch of class and a complete makeover. 

The flamboyant businessman was a larger-than-life character, on and off his native soil. He coined the word ‘mbinga’ — street lingo which means a wealthy and flamboyant person.

With his Dreams nightclub, he introduced the glitz, glamour and the soft life in the heart of Harare.

 His dream was to make the nightclub a rendezvous for the local, regional and international big spenders.

 “This place is for the big boys, the big spenders, the who is who are the ones we want. We are not here to play, we are here to spend and play. "We want big boys with big toys and sexy ladies here,” said Ginimbi in his hoarse voice then.

Alas Ginimbi didn’t live longer to see his ‘dreams’ flourish.

On November 8, in 2020 the socialite died instantly in a freak road traffic accident after a night of heavy partying at his nightclub Dreams Night Club in the capital.

Three other people, including a model and a fitness trainer, also died in the accident when Ginimbi’s R5 million Rolls Royce Wrath collided head-on with another vehicle.

The speeding Rolls-Royce veered off the road and hit a tree before going up in flames, according to an eyewitness.

Two of those burnt to death were identified as Alicia Adams, a model, and a fitness trainer, Michelle “Moana” Amuli. The crew was coming from celebrating Moana’s birthday at Dreams.

His sibling Juliet, who recently died ironically on her late brother’s birthday, was a beneficiary of her late brother's estate where she was co-executor with her younger sister Nelia — who likes the life of the bright lights!

Three years after his death, Ginimbi’s empire is reported to be crumbling, his gas business was blown by the wind and his security company went under.

 It was difficult for the public to track how Ginimbi’s businesses were doing, but the nightclub was evident and became the benchmark of how the estate and the businesses are performing.

The last time the nightclub, located along Kwame Nkrumah Street, hosted a show was on the eve of 2023, according to their social media page.

Early this year, it was reported that the club was now under Mashwede, fast forward to November, properties at the night spot were placed under the hammer.

The properties are set to be auctioned on November 17. Some of the goods on sale are six bar fridges, one bar sink, two display upright fridge, ice buckets, shisha pots and pipes, couches, bass speakers, and many other goods.

Ginimbi loved posh cars, he loved speed and thrill, and ironically it killed him.

Other goods that have been put under the hammer are four Lamborghini and four Ferraris, well not real cars but car facsimiles for champagne carried by the erotic waitresses at Dreams Nightclub.

It was a dream deferred!

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