Out and About: Africori sits on an ‘out of order’ opus bomb!


‘Uyangihola’, ‘Konka’, ‘This Year’, ‘iyTradda’, ‘Track Title TBC’, and ‘Rihiii’; roar clamorously with cocky ponderosity scrunching up the lion’s share of a star-studded collection of Amapiano gems, spiraling on the red-hot 6-track EP (extended play) — foxily named ‘OOO: AMAPIANO’.

 Curated by Amapiano label and paramount destination for autarkic African artists distribution hulk — Africori, in partnership with Warner Music’s regional nascent markets dance label Out Of Order (OOO); the speckless berceuse sculpt takes shape as a providential aggregation of tunes, helmed by some of the genre’s most important creators.

 The top dog catalysts being crepuscular synthesizers, extempore utopian pads, and vaporific log percussion instrument basslines; like a delirious flame, the South African in the unstoppable keyed pattern godheads — rapper and chief lyricist Focalistic, Kelvin Momo ( a Disc Jockey and producer, musical artists Khanyisa, MaWhoo, Sfarzo Rtee, Ice Beats Slide, LuuDaDeejay, and producer Marcus MC — super kicks-in panoptical!

 A kind of gusto, hitherto, spanning the broad range of Amapiano’s kaleidoscopic spectrum; ‘OOO: AMAPIANO’ presents a spic-and-span offering from Focalistic with the late-night record called ‘This Year’. Fresh from his sensational history-making ‘Straata Nation Address’ one-man show in Pretoria; on the latter piece of music, the artist — whose smash number ‘Khekheleza’ has taken TikTok by storm (earning platinum status) — exudes confidence and firmness of purpose, as he lyrically declares his intent to conquer and triumph in the 12-month ahead.

 Bubbling under, ‘This Year’ is a bird›s-eye get-up-and-go ballad that embodies the vital principle of attainment and desire.

 “On ‘This Year’, I wanted to capture that spirit of determination. You know, it’s all about setting those goals and making them happen. It’s a Bacardi-leaning anthem that signifies the grind and the glory. I’m really excited to be a part of ‘OOO: AMAPIANO’, a project that celebrates the incredible diversity of sounds within our genre. It’s all about that South African vibe, and we’re bringing it to the world,” Focalistic said.

 Elsewhere on the dovetailed EP, reputation is charged on the banger ‘Konka’ by boundary-pusher Sfarzo Rtee — who sticks to a master crafted tendency of leaving a world-shattering reference point with infectious beats, bewitching melodies, and a sound that defies cushy categorisation.

 Efficaciously signalling a goal to break the shackles of meek elbow grease, listeners will also discover a club-ready floor filler like the Ice Beats Slide scorcher ‘iyTradda’. Coming off the back of a massive chart-topper ‘JAGERMEISTER’ and ‘Hakuna Mathata’ album, the musical artist’s production prowess extends beyond.

 Glorified as the creative mind behind Swazi-born Disc Jockey and record producer Uncle Waffles’ biggest lullabies; with ‘Peacock Revisit’ being a standout example, the up-to-the-minute banger — ‘iyTradda’ — solidifies Ice Beats Slide’s status as a redoubtable player in the universe of Amapiano.

 Albeit the pugnacious kicker; softer cuts on ‘OOO: AMAPIANO’ come via the sun-kissed contribution from the platinum-selling Disc Jockey and producer Kelvin Momo (South Africa’s second-highest streamed artist) — on the singable creation known as ‘Track Title TBC’.

 Cyclosis transcendent, the cheesy fleece-like piercings are also a staggering word-painting on the soulful sonics of ‘Uyangihola’ by Marcus MC; with a knifelike ear for crafting contagious beats and melodies — which has seen him, to date, team up with hearable supreme beings like Kabza De Small a record producer, musical artist DJ Stokie, and Lady Du a Disc Jockey.

 Smooth sailing on the latter hit from the visionary label boss of Superstar Studios, are two of the hottest rising vocalists. Khanyisa — whose cover of American singer and songwriter Alicia Keys’ ‘Unthinkable’ caught the attention of the music icon herself (earning her a co-sign), as well as MaWhoo — who has been making waves in the auditory sensation panorama with her unique blend of Afro-house and electronic sounds.

 Cock-a-hoop, having been hand-picked as a Spotify ‘EQUAL’ ambassador for the month of July, and further gracing the lambent lights of Times Square on a billboard; Khanyisa complements MaWhoo’s e›er fulgent pitch perfect silky croon, as both audacious songbirds jazzy lend their impeccable fluttering vocals to the bass-heavy Marcus MC production — ‘Uyangihola’. 

 Superbly eye-catching and ear-splitting, LuuDaDeejay is well-known for bringing a fresh and innovative approach to tattle and trill production, blending traditional African elements with modern electronic beats. He emphatically closes the ‘OOO: AMAPIANO’ comestible body of jams on a mammoth note, birthing a birdcall titled ‘Rihiii’.

 Reaching the milestone, with this a la mode work of ditty marking the first partnership between the Africori and Out Of Order teams; a fortnight ago yesterday an exclusive launch dubbed ‘Africori x Out Of Order present: Amapiano After Dark’ was held at Soho House Amsterdam. The event featured extremely sought-after performances from some of the EP’s stars.

 Shadowing on from its respectively full of life gesture within the African auditory communication vista; the carve is Out Of Order’s official follow-up to its debut compilation ‘OOO: AFRO’, hatched in November of the last 12-month period. A virtuoso ten-track snapshot of the hotbed of canons simmering across the African region.

 A monolithic flick which has laid a rangy base for superior skill, launched under Warner’s ‘Emerging Markets Division’; Out Of Order defines itself as “a diverse collection of sounds in no particular order” — which will play up artists, euphony, cultures and communities from antithetic corners of the globe.

 Beckoning, several more compilations are presently in the works by the label; each themed, dance-leaning OOO compilation will launch in partnership with respective local Warner teams — load-bearing each region’s chanted endowment, ranging from emerging names to chart-topping lords.

 Leaving no question marks, the label continues to engage masses via its own radio show, which broadcasts mixes from Disc Jockeys and producers around the earth. Ticking along, an elucidative social media presence which educates audiences on the origins of sounds, scenes and cultures from global regions — is very pleasing.

 Finding consistent leaps; by coming together as a cohesive collection showcasing the diversity of the ever-booming Amapiano movement, Africori and Out Of Order’s ‘OOO: AMAPIANO’ opus composition serves what is sure to become a set of future staples for the international adored Amapiano scene.

 Therewith, fetching fortune in a pace of change understandably detailing a glorious stunt; a to a greater extent guaranteed part of the troupes’ blue-chip DNA shall carry on to mathematically snort more life into arguably — to the highest degree — overwhelming genre of this genesis!

  •  Grant Moyo is a prolific writer, innovative media personality, entrepreneur and a creative artist who is passionate about using his creative mind for the betterment of society.  Follow him on X @TotemGrant

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