Jah Prayzah mum on Baba Harare snub

Addressing his fans on the night about Jah Prayzah’s no show; Baba Harare blasted his former boss.

JAH PRAYZAH has refused to give details on his supposed snub of Baba Harare’s album launch at Padziva last week.

The lanky performer was billed to be part of the headline artists alongside Gemma Grifiths and Voltz JT.

The snub has provided a fertile ground for rumours that the two’s relations are just but a smokescreen.

Ironically Baba Harare was once a member of Jah Prayzah’s Third Generation band.

Addressing his fans on the night about Jah Prayzah’s no show; Baba Harare blasted his former boss.

‘He just decided not to show up, I don’t know what wrong I did to him that he didn’t come. I want to explain so that you don’t think I duped you by advertising that Jah Prayzah will be here. Everything was set and he was supposed to be here tonight,” he said.

In an interview with the Standard Style, Jah Prayzah’s manager Keen Mushapaidze said: “We don’t want to comment about that issue. He (Baba Harare) knows what happened.”

Speaking on a radio interview on ZiFM, Baba Harare said he was not complaining but just updating his fans on what had happened.

“I wasn’t complaining about that. I was just telling the fans what had happened, because I don’t know what had happened," he said.

Asked if he had met contractual agreements with Jah Prayzah, Baba Harare was evasive in his response.

“On that I don’t know with my management. My job as an artist is on the stage and when I got on the stage I expected him to be there but he couldn’t be there. That’s with the management to tell, I will talk to my management,” he said.

In 2018, Jah Prayzah was reported to have refused to be part of Baba Harare’s music video for the song Guzuzu.

Baba Harare had to forge Jah Prayzah's lyrics for the visuals to go through.

It's reported that Jah Prayzah refused to be part of the production arguing  that he no longer makes videos for stale songs.

“When we were about to do the video, I approached him (Jah Prayzah) with a request for him to feature in the video. I was surprised when he told me that he no longer does videos for songs that are already in the public domain.

“He said his current style is to have a song and its accompanying video going on the market at once,” Baba Harare told a local daily paper. 

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