Out & about: Yummy Major League DJz ditty on a gravy train

Laser focus on Major League DJz’s excellent manoeuvre, bounces a lot of common duds — in everything that happened within comprehension — off the brothers’ homecoming from exile after the fall of the country’s apartheid regime.

What started as a skeleton tune, strident yet conjuring rein, has leapt into an afoot savour — tantalising tastebuds — ascending Major League DJz’s a la mode upturn in phenomenon.

To hearten the Amapiano faithful, for its part, the palmy South African record-setting Disc Jockey (DJ) and sound-producing duo’s knack for generating rudimentary fervent performances — lapels at the needle-like extremity of resurgence.

Retributive suchlike how a car-mechanic knows how to thread a nut on the end of a bolt sharp to proficient — in an eye-popping display of homecoming delight and chanted prowess — abiding record troupe, Warner Music Africa (WMA), hosted an earthshaking press junket to unveil the DJs’ up-to-the-minute chart-topper.

Titled ‘All Night Long’, it is a bona fide anthem on which the tankful identical twin brothers, born Banele and Bandile Mbere, bugle call Elaine a Rhythm & Blues singer and Yumbs a multi-platinum selling producer — to put their anxious minds and excited hearts into giving something extraordinary!

Thereupon, ever so a clear cut black and white matter — the event celebrated South African euphony, culture, and creative collaboration. Picking the helm of channeling the foremost get-at-able mode of showcasing the unbridled talent of the country’s artists and their unwavering fealty to the audience. 

Laser focus on Major League DJz’s excellent manoeuvre, bounces a lot of common duds — in everything that happened within comprehension — off the brothers’ homecoming from exile after the fall of the country’s apartheid regime.

What kicked off as a precious forte of knocking revelers’ socks off by holding special edition parties in honour of western superstars like Akon an American singer, record producer, and entrepreneur, American rapper Fat Joe, as well as 50 Cent an American rapper, actor, television producer, and businessman — insinuated Bandile and Banele zest for showbiz. This strong suit specifically opened the door for the pair to walk through, and take a clean shot at a lucrative contagious career, sitting pretty right in front of them!

Bringing home the bacon in ace mode as Major League DJz, the multifarious performing artists have attained cultural icon status within South Africa and across the African celibate. Hooking up with well-thought-of acts like rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, record producer and amateur boxer Cassper Nyovest, Abidoza a producer disc jockey, musical artist Blaqnick, as well as Patoranking a Nigerian reggae-dancehall singer and songwriter.

Sliding down in the middle of the bed — while listeners stick on the edge of merriment — from the get-go, Major League DJz has made it clear that its core audience is its priority. Giving the bunch some smoke and fire, the opus-producing pair’s red-hot number ‘All Night Long’ perfectly shews this sentiment.

The thunder track, a masterful blend of a hybrid of deep house, jazz and lounge music characterised by synths, airy pads and wide percussive basslines beats and electrifying vocals, has taken the melody scene by storm. Having debuted on the 5FM Dance Charts a day prior to its official waiver, ‘All Night Long’ has resonated profoundly with buffs — earning the coveted rubric of the position 3 radio banger across all stations in South Africa.

At the press junket, the vivacious vigour was palpable as Major League DJz, Elaine, and Yumbs shared their thoughts on the project and the DJs’ trip back home. Heroes welcome at stake, Major League DJz — illustrious for their dynamic mixes and innovative soundscapes — expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to join forces with fellow artists, who share their mania for actuating terminal points and embracing their roots. 

To echo opine and flesh out her genius, Elaine — an emerging sensation known for her soulful lullabies — seized the bit to delve into her creative process for the jam — ‘All Night Long’. Bravo — she gave kudos to Major League DJz for granting her aesthetic exemption, and applauded their circular-knit fusion of Amapiano elements into the flowery single. 

Elaine says she “knew if she tapped into Amapiano, it would definitely be with Major League, who let her have creative freedom on this project.” Overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support for her archetypal Amapiano endeavour, Elaine’s fervour was patent as she basked in the hearty reception of her newfound sonic itinerary.

Lewdly hunting for imminent cred, Yumbs — a name on the rise in the ballad industry — injected his infectious driving verve into the event, emphasizing the unity that comes from creating hits that resonate with South Africans from all walks of life.

To a greater depth, the handy broadloom concoction among these gifted artists reverberates the hordes of commitment in fledgling Warner Music Africa’s witty school of thought. Piquant — heavily centered on nurturing Mzansi’s canon landscape and fostering partnerships that thrust the industry headfirst!

 Living rent-free in the brains of auditory communication protagonists, amid the euphoric ambiance of the press junket, the social function seamlessly transformed into a gleeful full-fledged festivity — as Major League DJz and Yumbs ad lib embraced their South African roots.

To make up one’s mind in good stead, the room erupted in cheers as the artists — joined by attendees absorbed in smash banging vitality craze — crafted an impromptu dance challenge infused with the iconic ‘iBus Stop dance’. A treasured ethnic gem! 

Real organic and natural, this ebullient display showcased the artists’ shatterproof bond with their homeland. The wealth of talent underlined the magic that befalls when singable composition, dance, and community converge.

Best chance to catch pride and joy, the ‘iBus Stop dance challenge’ ignited the integral space in an uproar, with infectious get-up-and-go vibes. Creating a red-letter point in time that came across deeply with the assemblage present, embodying the heart and soul of South African erect records and explicit ‘groove’ culture.

 Beautiful on all levels, Major League DJz has never looked like it is not in control of its dumbfounding run. As the peppy ditty ‘All Night Long’ carries on to rack in chart placements and enamour rooters as well as stalwarts of tonal pattern — hither and overseas — the upgraded success of the press junket pedestals as a living proof to the power of teaming up, creativity, as well as the unwavering link between artists and their domestic audience.

Legacy acme try factor disclosed now — it is fitting to concur that Major League DJz, Elaine, and Yumbs have beyond question created a cantabile chef-d'oeuvre that incarnates the essence of South African auditory sensation. Let alone, the musicians’ journey is a testament to the infinite possibilities that bob up when artists stay true to themselves while embracing spick-and-span skylines.

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