Zero68 Lounge Bar: A new ‘stage’ for local artistes

Chidhakwa Chine Swagger

KADOMA’S new leisure and food outlet Zero68 Lounge Bar has been described as a new stage and platform for local artistes to grow their careers.

The bar is located in the central business district of the gold-mining city at the building, which houses Hot Plate Grill.

The spot serves those who want eats, drinks, good music and live performances.

“We thrive to put together good vibes, good food and good drinks in one place,” the manager said.

“We have a restaurant which specialises in eateries as well as accommodating birthday parties for small numbers as well as group meetings.

“Our main thrust is in supporting local establishments and artists.

“We believe for our city to grow we have to support each other, hence our supplies are from local markets and most of the artistes we host hail from the city of gold.

“We want outsiders who visit Kadoma to experience what we have on offer rather than to have to give them what they are used to in their respective homes.”

The bar hosts jazz nights on Thursday and party nights on Fridays and Saturday nights.

Artistes who have performed at the spot are Brian Jeck, Mostaff, Brnadon Molly, Macro, Trio Jazz and Mbira Dzemunyanza, among other artists.

Patrons who visit the place for eatery are serenaded by calm and cool entertainment from the resident wheelspinner Chidhakwa Chine Swagger.

“The place gives you many moods- there are some days where patrons need to chill and cool off from the pressures of work and there are days where they want to hit the roof,” Chidhakwa Chine Swagger said.

“The people of Kadoma have been great and very receptive to our new spot.

“We are dedicated to being part of them and to create memories with them and most importantly give local artistes a platform to express their art; this is a new stage for them to shine.”

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