Lewis Ndlovu pens children’s book

BULAWAYO-BASED drummer and Drums of Peace (DoP) founder, Lewis Ndlovu

BULAWAYO-BASED drummer and Drums of Peace (DoP) founder, Lewis Ndlovu has penned his debut two in one children’s book inspired by climate change.

The two in one book —The Parliament of Animals and Who’s Wise? was written and  illustrated by Lewis Ndlovu, published by Pigeon Press and cover pictures by Blessing Chakandinakira.

Ndlovu told Standard Style that his quest is to promote and encourage reading in children and the books also appeal to adults as well.

“Adults are also encouraged to read the books especially The Parliament of Animals to children and the little ones, by doing so they will be sharing, passing on the history and a good story," he said.

 “These two stories have something in common: they educate and conscientise people on climate change and global warming and remind the readers of the importance of keeping environment as friendly as possible.”

Ndlovu said The Parliament of Animals is a folk tale, an evening story that was told by the great grandparents and passed on through the oral tradition which died a natural death along the way of life.

“The story traces the life of animals of the Jungle who are affected by a serious dry spell.

"There is no more water and the animals are dying. So in the story, all the animals come together to share and explore ideas on how they could come out of this crisis, under the leadership of King Lion,” he said

Ndlovu said the second book—Who’s Wise? is set in the past years in the land of Abantu.

“It discusses the life of a wise man who could communicate with birds in the early stone age - early agriculture and in the development of human-beings.  The name of the man was called Luso- a Nyanja word meaning knowledge.

“In those years people did not produce food; they survived on insects, roots, fruits, leaves, eggs and various vegetation.

 Luso was a very intelligent and an innovative human being, and he got some of his ideas from one of the birds called Bon’ubatshele- a Zulu word meaning to advise them or alert them.

Ndlovu said the motivation of penning the book comes from his children and other children in the community and a need to share a feeling, a story and cultivate the beautiful history.

“The history needs to be revisited and kept going, ukuxoxela abantwana inganekwane that is bedtime stories, under the tree stories, class room stories among others should be revisited. Above all, penning my first book is a lesson to me on coming together and collectively tackling a problem as a community,” he said.

In addition Ndlovu said: “It’s so exciting that I have published a book.  My work will not be only shared to a limited audience, like theatre and the musicals which I produce. Now it will be on shelves in different book shops.

“As we speak it is already available in Victoria Falls at the Orange Elephant gift shop, Orange Elephant in Bulawayo. E-book coming soon.”

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