Winning ever so great for Kiddo CSA

Kiddo CSA

FAR off experiencing creative constipation, Kiddo CSA is having an absolute ball in every scrap of his sound. He is oft alliteratively serving scrumptious paradigm euphony — thought provoking yet entertaining — in full circle. Not goofing around, this austerely peppy right to the bone rapper from South Africa has hit another home run, having latterly delivered up-to-the-minute cinematography to ‘Blessed’ — a tropical Western-African ditty taken off his 2022 sophomore EP (extended play) titled ‘So Far, So Great’.

The latter tune on which he joined forces with Blaqbonez a Nigerian artist, is a fan-favorite right on the up — wiping out over 100 000 streams crosswise platforms to date, and counting. A dandy music video to this banger drops as a form of jubilation that let on just how farthermost Kiddo has come, in his artistry and storytelling.

Over the foregone couple of twelvemonths, hot wave Hip-Hop in South Africa has seen an efflux in young rappers who are as proficient in lyricism as they are in musicality. They understand the gist of song building and how to motion through each chord as well as each bar while likewise being empathetic to the pocket — quite cognizant of how far along it propels them.

Kiddo CSA with ample poetic cadences is one such rapper — who through drill as well as natural endowment, has been able to tap into a fresh absolute frequency of melody and creativity. So much so that the fall of last year saw the hip hop knocker securing a slot on the Maybelline stage, at Rocking the Daisies — a philharmonic undergo which besides bringing artists from all walks of life jointly, is far-famed for showcasing the high-grade in auspicious garage bands.

Bringing forth an upper-class jam session — spelling out eye popping records on a culturally multifaceted auditory sensation convergence — Kiddo CSA gave a superlative astral presentation of his well-matched freestyle verse to the Capetonian alt-pop vocalist Tyler Page’s preexisting opus called ‘If It Wasn’t 4u’. Leveraging off of this opportune bit, Kiddo CSA was seen tying-in with Kehlani — an American Rhythm and Blues maven. Instrumental in driving strive, the rapper’s Instagram post aboard the latter singer songwriter, in the tail end of the 2022 period, yielded unbridled inflammation and wonder among his rooters. Evoking the notion of a latent collaboration.

Breaking the facade of perfection, on ‘Blessed’ Kiddo raps: “Young black and blessed / I’m conflicted on what to do next”. When this self-proclaimed internet sensation recorded this number, it was a recollection and celestial point of the point in time that made up his moment freestyling on social media, shards of timidness and the pattern of sharpening trust in himself and in a force much more world-shaking than him. He infectiously divulges his inner monologues and reflects on his personal observations through his euphony without breaking a sweat. Therefore, his work is piquant and to the point.

Situated in his hometown Benoni, east of Johannesburg — the visuals to the smash ballad (‘Blessed’) echo the drive of the musical composition, the pursuit for a softer life, the avatar of this simplicity, and the earnestness to keep stretching for more, both in and out! The cinematic companion piece commences with Kiddo CSA swallowed by benevolent and lavish foliage as he affirms: “Said I got it all alright and I praise God / Wake up and do it all again ‘cause it’s our job / I never lose I get what’s mine ‘til I’m on top / Penning over these thoughts imma get it all in due time”.

As the scenes in the graphics motion on the green landscape in Benoni to Lagos, Nigeria, and rearward to Kiddo’s menage home — one acquires the cognizance that he has been rather hard-hitting on the itinerary he is getting down to bring home the bacon. This hip hop knocker — who is a die hard — subsists in evolving the South African auditory communication terrain, while also living in his vision of what an worldwide calling might look like.

The body of work ‘So Far, So Great’ was just the outset of the range of Kiddo CSA’s visual modality of the bulbous vocation he is hypothesizing for himself — as he chews over what his side by side move is. With a red-hot illustration, a much stuck out Cotton Fest performance, as well as spic-and-span anthems in the whole kit and caboodle — fermenting in the scuttlebutt — the 2023 period of time seems to be air-filled with triumph for an East Rand kid, who has his sights set on the universe!


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