Mukariri bounces back with MaLevels

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A pastor with Emmanuel Fellowship Ministries, Mukariri will on Thursday launch her eighth album during a virtual ceremony, which will be graced by some of the country’s top gospel musicians.


Educationist and gospel musician-cum-pastor Daisy Mukariri continues to use music to tackle societal ills as evidenced by the message in her forthcoming album titled MaLevels.

A pastor with Emmanuel Fellowship Ministries, Mukariri will on Thursday launch her eighth album during a virtual ceremony, which will be graced by some of the country’s top gospel musicians.

The nine-track album is laden with social commentary, something that has kept Mukariri in the game for close to a decade and pertinent to the world of ministering.

Songs on the album include the title track MaLevels, Chigumbu, Kutenda, Lord and Saviour, Mudzikinuri Wangu, Itawo Kwete, Handizi Weshure, Mathew 24 and Paradiso.

“The songs on the album generally look at the situations people encounter every day,” Mukariri told Standard Style.

“The song MaLevels is comparing the modern-day Christians, who only serve Christ when it is comfortable to do so and the old time Christians who would totally commit their lives to serving Christ no matter the circumstances.

“The track is meant to challenge modern-day Christians to go back to the origins of winning souls instead of commercialising the gospel.

“MaLevels means shifting from the current status to a better level, which I am encouraging everyone to desire, be it in character, financially or health relationships.

“I encourage Christians to strive for a level where they are tightly bonded to their God.

“I encourage husbands and wives to shift their love to another level, youths and children to become better people whom elders should be proud of.”

She said the other songs are meant to change society’s behaviour on certain issues

“The track Kutenda is where I look of the situations that make people lose their faith while Chigumbu is a song that talks about how anger is wrecking havoc in people’s lives,” Mukariri said.

“Paradiso is a song that indicates how a Christian should desire making it to heaven while the song Handizi Weshure is full of positive affirmations and hope that in the fullness people can come out of poverty through hard work. It encourages people to help one another.

“The song Itawo Kwete addresses the youths against drug abuse, among other vices.”

The album, which was produced by prominent gospel music producer Gibson Makumbe, is potpourri of beats.

“The album carries the traditional beat on three songs, but it also has some sungura beats and there is a track that is presented in Apostolic-type of music,” Mukariri said.

“I am working on one video for the track MaLevels to accompany the launch.”

An educationist of repute in Chitungwiza, Mukariri said she was not going to stop doing music.

“Listeners should expect more from the upcoming album and in future years,” she said.

“I am passionate about preaching the gospel through music whether there are personal benefits or not.

“I believe that God called me to be a teacher of the word and I use any possible and acceptable means to preach.

“For now I feature on ZTV’s Gospel Mix where I do short sermons. I also have a passion for couples and you will see that my music is full of messages directed to couples.”

She said music was not interfering much in her duties as an educationist, mother, wife and ministry.

“I allocate time for each of the things that I do and obviously God gives me wisdom on how to articulate the responsibilities,” Mukariri said.

Popular gospel musicians Dorcas Moyo, Mathias Mhere and Mai Charamba were invited to be guest artistes at the album launch, which will also be live streamed on various social media platforms, including the Daisy Mukariri Fans WhatsApp Group 1 and 2.

The launch starts at 7pm under Covid-19 regulations

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