Letter to my people: Currency chaos a symptom of bigger problems

The confusion and chaos around the introduction of the new currency, Zimbabwe Gold(ZiG), is a dreadful start for the tenure of the new Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mushayavanhu.

My Dear People

The confusion and chaos around the introduction of the new currency, Zimbabwe Gold(ZiG), is a dreadful start for the tenure of the new Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mushayavanhu.

The pandemonium that has ensued, as a result of the rushed and haphazard manner in which the new currency was introduced, sits comfortably with the characteristics of the  Ngwena-led dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion  of ambush politics and opaqueness.

The currency was launched without any awareness programme beforehand, which resulted in turmoil for the country’s citizens as the Zimbabwe dollars, which they had in their possession were suddenly rendered useless as retailers and even government institutions such as the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration were rejecting the local unit.

Only after five days of havoc on the market did Mushayavanhu, as if coming out of a stupor, then announce that the Zimbabwe dollar remains legal tender.

After announcing the immediate introduction of the new currency, amid pomp and fanfare, we were then told it would only be available at the end of this month. Munopenga!!!

To add hilarity to the circus around the formation of the new currency, an event in which the new governor was to speak on the new currency attracted a charge in forex and alternatively in ZiG, which at the time was not available in any format.

Indeed it was an advertisement of how not to introduce a new currency.

The disorderly manner in which the latest currency was introduced  will only increase the skepticism around it  and increase the clamour for the greenback.

After indications that  there is very little appetite for the extension of Lacoste leadership, Scarfmore revealed that he is serving his last term and will not look for means to extend his atrocious leadership for a third term. 

Given that his leadership has been tainted with  abysmal failure which include a failed currency, high inflation, power outages, repression and the compromise of the country’s judiciary among other ills, even the remaining four years of his presidency feels like an eternity to most of the country’s citizens.

I can bet my last dollar (or is it Ziggy? kkkkk) that the probity-deficient leadership of the scarfed octogenarian has made most of  the country’s citizens wish they were still under the wise leadership of the telescopically foresighted Gushungo and that  includes even his harshest critics.

 I couldn’t help, but chuckle when Scarfmore said that he did not consider any attempts for a third term extension because he obeyed the constitution.

This was the same constitution that he butchered to strengthen his grip over the judiciary.

 This is the same supreme law, which he had ignored to foist the Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander Valerio Sibanda into the Zanu PF politburo and go beyond the number of non-legislators he could constitutionally appoint into Cabinet, before being forced to rescind those moves with egg on his face.

There are reports that he was told by the army, which catapulted him into power that he could forget and smile about any dreams of a third term rather than the fatuous nonsense of respect for the constitution that has led to his decision to stick to his two terms.

Whatever the case may be, there is a huge sigh of relief that the impoverished leadership of Ngwena will not extend beyond 2028.

The new parliament building in Mount Hampden has become the venue for a snooze fest as the not-so-honorable members of the  Zanu Pf-dominated parly  enjoy the new cushy seats to snore away.

This, of course, was revealed by speaker Jacob Mudenda, who rapped parliamentarians for sleeping during debates.


It is my hope that when he censured the parliamentarians, they were awake long enough to hear it kkkk.

This is what happens when you have a parliament that is a result of farcical elections and the  foisting of buffoons such as the self-imposed Citizens Coalition for Change(CCC) secretary general  Sengezo Tshabangu who, with the  help of the state, helped  purge parliamentarians from the opposition party.

This came shortly after Mudenda  pleaded with the Zanu PF chief whip Togarepi to help dimwits in his party who struggled with the simple task of crafting speeches for debates in the august house.

This is astounding nonsense.

 How can they effectively represent the people when they cannot even put together a speech? God help us!!!This could easily be the worst parliament since independence in 1980.

 Tendai Biti has revealed that he will take a break from politics, dumping the CCC faction currently led by Welshman Ncube.

It is clear he is disillusioned by the disarray in the opposition since Nero deserted the party after the Tshabangu madness.

Since the departure of the youthful leader, the party has been left rudderless with some bizarrely still fighting to use Nero’s picture as part of the party symbol. 

The scramble for political funding by the various CCC factions like scavengers is cause for acute embarrassment.

 It is a good decision by Biti not to soil his reputation by being embroiled in such lunacy.



Stop It!

 Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)


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