Letter to my people: Desperation for validation has reached comic levels

Nick uses every opportunity to sing Ngwena’s praises on social media and the way he does it makes a mockery of the office he occupies.

My Dear People

Over six years after he was rescued from his miserable life as a mental health nurse in the United Kingdom, poor Nick is still working overtime as he tries to get the leader of the cabal’s attention through bootlicking.

Nick uses every opportunity to sing Ngwena’s praises on social media and the way he does it makes a mockery of the office he occupies.

After Ngwena met the exiled Mandi Chimene in Mozambique last week, the impressionable former nurse went to town claiming that the Lacoste gang leader does not hold grudges.

As expected, the post invited questions from skeptical Zimbabweans who left Nick looking like a fool as usual.

He was asked why my G40 foot soldiers such as Jonso, Tyson, Dread Zhuwao and Mzembi remained in exile six years after that cowardly coup against Gushungo (MHSRIP) if Ngwena was a forgiving man.

Gushungo, the only person who knew Ngwena’s character thoroughly, warned us before his death that the Lacoste faction leader does not forgive.

I suspect that Nick knows that fact, but he has this mistaken belief that propaganda is the same as lies.

He should learn from Joji who after years of churning out lies to mask Gushungo’s legendary incompetence has turned out to be a very bitter and angry old man, who sees shadows everywhere.

Be warned Nick, lying is not good for your health! Munopengaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

The excitement that greeted Mandi’s meeting with Ngwena and her announcement that she will return home soon once again showed the desperation for validation by the coup cabal.

We also saw them going to town after some nine ambassadors from Sadc visited state house to congratulate the leader of the cabal for his heist in August.

The sheepish journalists led by Reeuuuuben Barwe who were at State House could not ask the very obvious question, which is: why the other seven Sadc countries did not associate themselves with that congratulatory message.

My informants, and I have many of them as a PHD holder and a one-time important person in this country, tell me that there is no consensus in the region about supporting sham elections.

Many countries are also not amused by Nero’s failure to give the opposition in this country direction despite evidence that Zimbabweans have put their faith in his leadership.

He continues to squander chance after chance and is unable to take advantage of Ngwena’s many blunders.


The Sengezo Tshabangu circus continues unabated with revelations that he is using an MDC-T constitution as the basis for his treacherous politics of recalls.

It is a huge scandal that Jacob Mudenda and Winston Chitando recalled elected represantatives after taking instructions from the imposter.

The judiciary has also been caught up in the mess after ruling in Tshabangu’s favour in a case where the initial batch of recalled CCC legislators tried to reverse the absurdity.

It is the Supreme Court that made a wrong precedent when it ruled two years ago that Mkomana was not the rightful leader of the MDC Alliance.

The ruling effectively gave Dougie the reins of the MDC Alliance and that marked the beginning of  the end for the party that Morgiza built.

We are now being told that Dougie and his crew are being investigated for bridging electricity connections at Harvest House to evade paying kikikikiki


Ngwena and his scarf were in Mozambique last week where he attended the official commissioning of a 300 kilometre railway line between Beira and Machipanda border post.

He was also privileged to go on a train ride on the new track. Back home there are no longer any passenger trains.

In fact, there is a whole generation that has never boarded a train and some may never get that privilege if they do not visit other countries.

While inside that train Ngwena must have felt very proud of the demolition job that his ruining party has done back home as it works overtime to return Zimbabwe to the Stone Age.

One of the weekly Zanu PF rags took lying to another level last week when it claimed that the likes of the late Adam Ndlovu, Willard Khumalo, Tymon Mabaleka, Barry Daka and Ernest Sibanda (may their souls rest in peace) attended the burial of former Highlanders and Warriors coach Rahman Gumbo at the Lady Stanley Cemetry.

Zimbabweans were shocked to hear that the long departed soccer legends had resurrected for Rush’s burial.

It emerged that some editor in Harare twisted a story they got from their sister paper in Bulawayo.

It took them a couple of days to apologise. I have warned you before that you must take whatever they publish with a pinch of salt because the likes of Joji have really destroyed those institutions.

If they publish such brazen lies, you can imagine what else they have been lying about!


Stop It!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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