Letter from America: US Jewish lobby caught by surprise!

Matt Ho, a former US marine intelligence officer says that the Israeli lobby has the support of 95% of all the mainstream media, American Broadcasting, Fox, Columbia Broadcasting, National Broadcasting, New York Times and whatever and whoever is regarded as worth a hell of beans.

While it is true that since the occupation of Palestine in 1847 by Jewish settlers, the Jewish lobby in the US and western Europe have had most of the state-sponsored opinion on their side since the October 7 attack by Hamas fighters, they have been caught by surprise.

They have lost the narrative completely. Further, recent opinion polls have indicated that 80% of Americans are apprehensive about US-Israeli intentions to create further upheavals in the Middle East.

They are aware of the fact that the 9/11 (2002) attack on the Financial District Twin Towers in New York was done by Muslim zealots incensed by the ill-treatment of their kind. More of this later.

However, in the political world, the Jewish lobby in Washington, DC is probably the strongest, followed only by the American Medical Association. Our readers will ask the question.

“What does that mean in practical terms?”

It means one does not cross them, and they normally get 95% of what they want.

They are masters of propaganda and they have framed the narrative of matters that concern them.

Matt Ho, a former US marine intelligence officer says that the Israeli lobby has the support of 95% of all the mainstream media, American Broadcasting, Fox, Columbia Broadcasting, National Broadcasting, New York Times and whatever  and whoever is regarded as worth a hell of beans.

To their immortal surprise, all these great name broadcasters have been caught by surprise.

They are desperately trying and failing to keep the Hamas-Israeli war and narrative their terms.

These are their terms.

Any correspondent must condemn in unvarnished terms the horrific attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7.  Israeli Defence minister refers to Hamas and Palestinians (the two are interchangeable) as animals and barbaric.

If these terms are acceptable then what follows is logical. Hamas must be rooted out (remember Hamas and Palestinians are interchangeable).

If Hamas fighters hide in hospitals, a fair warning was given that the hospital would be regarded as a military target.

Never mind the fact that the hospital in question is an American Baptist Hospital and therefore the home of charitable spirit of the Holy Cross.

United Nations secretary general Antonio Guiterez said the following words.

“It is important to also recognise that the attacks by Hamas did not happen in a vacuum. The Palestinian people have been  subjected to 56 years of suffocating occupation. They have seen their land steadily evolved by settlement, plagued by violence, their economy stifled, their people displaced, their homes demolished, their hopes for a political settlement have been vanishing.”

The above words are not permissible. Israel’s representative at the UN, Eban Gillard wants Guiterez fired. Israel is used to getting its wishes obeyed.

Former president Jimmy Carter wrote a book, Palestine not Apartheid (2007).  He was hounded everywhere, cursed out as a bitter old man and his book was recalled.

British Labor leader Jeremy Cobin said similar words about Palestine. Speaking this week (October 24) he had these harsh words about Israel and its lobbyists.  “I have absolutely no doubt that my clearly stated support for the right of Palestinian people to live in peace and free from occupation…played a role in this (his ouster).” He went further to say that “I was smeared by Israel” for objecting to Israeli occupation, imprisonment, and encirclement of Palestinian lands. .

Reporters were not satisfied by his condemnation of violence.

The journalistic rule is that Palestinian violence is despicable and barbaric. Israeli violence against Palestinians is “ regrettable and not very helpful.”

Another official who is in line to be fired is Amnesty International president Agnes Callanard. In the four-year study entitled Israel’s Apartheid against Palestinians she describes how “massive seizures of Palestinian land and property, unlawful killings, forcible transfers, drastic movement restrictions, and denial of nationality and citizenship to Palestinians are all components of a system which amounts to apartheid under international law.”

BBC’s Steven Succur, Hard Talk lambasted her for repeating the words "apartheid Israel”.   When she tried to answer, she was cut off.

“We cannot spend time on this?” Succur retorted in a huff.

"Where has Israel failed?"

Israel is doing what it has always done. As we go to press, Israel, with the full backing of the US, has amassed 50 000 troops, cut off water, electricity, and food supplies to Gaza. Further, the  million or so Palestinians who leave their homes will not be allowed back.

They will be replaced by Jewish settlements.

As we go to press, missiles have been raining on Gaza neighborhoods, killing 5 000 women and children. There is nothing new there.

What is new is the advent of Tik-Tok, Instagram, podcast, and cell phone video-casting by non-state actors.

The first non-state actor to use  cell phone video casting was a passer-by who filmed  the beating of Rodney king on March 3, 1991, by 13 white police officers in Los Angeles. A judge rejected the veracity of the video and found the policemen not guilty despite the visual evidence.

The Israeli bombing of the Baptist Hospital in Gaza was video-tapped and broadcast on various websites. I saw men crying and running away from storied buildings.

Former US Central Intelligence Agency operatives on judge Andrew Napolitano show (October 25) said the precision applied showed it was an Israeli piece of work.

Israelis and their main ally, the US, have lost the narrative. It has nothing to do with the truth.

The matter, according to judge Napolitano, is who is credible, the US and Israel, after the mess it went through in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Three opinion polls conducted this week showed that 80% of American people do not support “forever wars” and the constant mess in the Middle East.

The Nine Eleven Commission Report (2002) says that the  master mind of the terror attack,  Sheikh Kalid Muhammad, was a Pakistani who resented the way Muslims were being treated (page 147).

That is the point. Social media is the messenger of the narrative. You sluggard, go watch the ant and be wise.

*Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot and a member of the Supreme Council of Nubia. He writes from the US.

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