Zimbabwe set for inaugural World Esports Championship appearance

ZEGA founding president Sydney Savanhu

ZIMBABWE is for the first time set to have representation at the World e-sports Championship IASI 2023, which take place from August 23 to September 5, in Iasi, Romania.

Bradley Gomo was chosen by the Zimbabwe Electronics Games Association (ZEGA) to fly the country’s flag at the global E-sports event following local trials as well as recommendations from other stakeholders in the sport.

Gomo, who will be participating in E-football by Konami competition, will be accompanied by ZEGA’s founding president Sydney Savanhu at the championship.

Savanhu is hopeful that Gomo will excel on the global stage and expressed optimism about the growth of the sport after its registration with the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) early this year.

“We hosted some trials and also we consulted various game shop owners and they also highly recommended Bradley Gomo despite the fact he came on top during the competition. Our target in Romania is to finish in top 10 and we would like to appeal to the corporate world to kindly assist with kit sponsorship ahead of the tournament in Romania,” Savanhu said.

“Locally we have managed to host some trials for the world championships and come  September 22, we are going to host our inaugural high schools Esports tournament. We have approached a big local tech company and they agreed in principle to sponsor the high school competition.

“Unfortunately I can't divulge the details, but we have agreed on everything else. So things are really looking up for E-sports in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Electronics Games Association is an E-sports Association registered with the SRC and our license was issued on the 20th of March 2023.

“We applied to the International Esports Federation IESF to be a member and as of Friday 21st of July 2023 ZEGA is now a member of IESF. That is how we got an invitation for two people, one athlete and one delegate to participate in the IESF World championships in Romania.”

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