Sunday word: Man cannot change God’s decision

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We have met and will also meet challenges in our walk, but because Jesus suffered when He was tempted, He is able to help those who are being tempted (Hebrews 2:18).


I am not in the habit of copying from anyone or from any other sources for my Sunday articles, except from the Bible. May I, however, share with you an article sent to me by one of my closest followers which I have given the above title. It reads as follows:

God is faithful to his word, it doesn’t matter how difficult the devil and his satanic agents may make life hard for us. Our God is not a man that He should repent; He will fulfill what He has spoken. Elijah was such a powerful prophet who performed exploits but ran for his life fearing the threat from Jezebel. God did not abandon him; with every temptation he will provide a way of escape. Persecutions are inherent to our Christian walk, we need to endure them. Friends, Elijah was the prophet of God in those days, but Jezebel threatened him and he feared and this is reality — adrenaline will cause the human body to flee but what is important is where he ran to — the mountain of God. And God saw everything and sent his angels to support him and He finally met him.

We have met and will also meet challenges in our walk, but because Jesus suffered when He was tempted, He is able to help those who are being tempted (Hebrews 2:18). Land is part of our existence and God honours all who fight for their land inheritance and will avenge for it. It thus, must be taken care of as a godly inheritance. Naboth refused with his land and died for it, but God avenged. Friends, issues concerning land attract God’s interest. Land inheritance must be regarded in its proper perspective; this is why those who fight for their land inheritance will always win because God is on their side. God said you shall not murder, up to this day we shall continue to fight the Jezebel spirit.

Christ said the one who is angry with his brother commits murder; therefore, there is need for self-control, which is a fruit of the spirit born by the Holy Spirit in one who believes that Jesus is Lord. Obedience is better than sacrifice, see how Ahab disobeyed God by saving the life of a king whom God did not want to save and he was to lose his life in place of Gen-Hadad. It is futile to make a strategic alliance with an ungodly person, Jehoshaphat, king of Judah almost lost his life but God is faithful he will hear our cries, even from the middle of a scuffle. Blood bleeds blood, Ahab was killed by a random arrow, fulfilling the word of the prophet.

God says we shall not murder and so let it be. Friends, there are many rich lessons to learn here. When God makes a decision no one can reverse it. Ahab was killed by a random arrow. When God has spoken stand by his word it could be contrary to many but what God says will stand as Micaiah did say. I reiterate, it is futile to make an alliance with an ungodly person, see how Jehoshaphat suffered for the sins of Ahab. But he made a cry that heaven recognised. Friends, God knows the voices of His children when in trouble shout/cry out to Him, He will rescue us as he did to Jehoshaphat. And they say once bitten twice shy, we see Jehoshaphat refusing to enter into a strategic partnership with Azariah (Ahab’s son). And today in Christ Jesus all transgressions and iniquities of our forefathers/fathers are washed by the blood of Jesus (they must be confessed), therefore, we shall not suffer for their sins. And above all what fellowship does Christ have with Belial, we must take heed. Let us read and learn from 1 Kings 19-22, completing the book (end of feedback).

What God has ordained no man can change. His rulings are final. The declarations He makes will come to pass. His statutes were meant to be the guiding principles for mankind. Indeed they guide us of His requirements and of what to do and not to do. No matter how much we try to twist some of those ordinances to suit our habits, His word will remain solidly unchanged.

There are many practices of abomination which have found their way into some of our churches, some of them too shameful to imagine. Some proponents of civil liberties have penetrated into the religious circles to condemn what God has set as the principles for humanity. The devil is now thriving through many facets of our society, some which front as organizations of human rights. I support human rights which don’t encroach on God’s law. Even Jesus Christ remarked that He did not come to change the law or to remove it, but to fulfill it. Whoever makes invalid any part of God’s law works against Him.

  • Prosper Tingini is the Scribe of the Children of God Missionary Assembly – God’s messengers. Contact details: Mobile and Whatsapp: 0771 260 195. Email address: [email protected] 

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