Youths with albinism stand up for their own

Mandizha is chairperson of the organisation and is deputised by Mhukayesango.

A group of young people living with albinism have embarked on an ambitious mission to take charge of efforts to improve the lives of their peers without having to wait for handouts from people and organisations that may want to profit from their misery.

Taking cue from then junior mayor of Chitungwiza junior council of 2000-2001, Clever Takudzwa Mhukayesango (21), the youths, led by Marcia Mandizha (23) have registered an organisation to assist people living with albinism.

The entity named Albino Care Organisation(ACO), is now registered with the Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare ministry and has as its mission to provide special needs for albinos, including skincare, educational and economic requirements and especially to help with societal awareness on albinism.

Mandizha is chairperson of the organisation and is deputised by Mhukayesango.

The Albino Care Organisation last week embarked on their first programme where Mandizha and Mhukayesango handed over umbrellas, exercise books, rulers, pens and pencils to each of the 23 learners in primary and secondary schools in Chitungwiza who live with albinism.

“When I was junior mayor, one of the issues that I pursued with my heart was the betterment of the lives of fellow pupils living with albinism,” Mhukayesango said.

“ One of the resolutions I made to myself then was to allow people living with albinism to take charge of interventions meant to assist them, instead of waiting for help from unaffected people.

“That is how we pooled together a group of youths with these common needs to form this organisation.

“When their board was set up, they asked me to continue working with them and to accept the position of deputy chairperson, at least until the organisation is up and running.”

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