Binga South MP, minister clash over boreholes

Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs and Devolution minister Richard Moyo

Binga South legislator Fanuel Cumanzala has dismissed claims by Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs and Devolution minister Richard Moyo that government has started drilling boreholes in the arid district.

Last week, Moyo revealed that the Presidential Borehole Drilling Scheme has been rolled out in some parts of Binga South where drilling rigs were already on the ground, while the government had disbursed a number of solar system kits to power the boreholes.

Cumanzala, however, said villagers in the constituency had dismissed the minister’s claims.

“I just spoke to some of the villagers and all of them are saying there are no activities of that sort in those areas. There are no developments being done and water is still a problem,” he said.

Cumanzala said the water situation in Binga South was actually worsening with women and girls walking long distances to fetch the precious liquid.

“There has been no change at all, and honestly speaking women and girls are still prone to abuse as they are forced to travel long distances just to fetch water.

“There is a serious need for attention because the challenge is having negative impacts on people who stay in wards 4, 12 and 25,” Cumanzala said.

Pangani Lubimbi from Lubimbi village, said villagers were being exposed to attacks by wild animals as they search for water several kilometres away from their homes.

Lubimbi said water shortages had also led to young girls being sexually abused during their search for water.

Binga faces water challenges despite being on the banks of Africa’s fourth largest river, the Zambezi River and one of the world’s biggest man-made lakes, Kariba Dam.

In response to the allegations, Moyo insisted that the project was ongoing in Binga, but in other wards.

“They are still drilling boreholes in other wards. Remember Binga is a very big place and they are going on with work. Let me run around and find out what is going on,” he said.

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