Gweru residents table service delivery demands

Gweru residents.

RESIDENTS associations under the banner Residents Movement in Gweru presented their service delivery demands to Gweru City Council (GCC) at a meeting with council officials yesterday.

Stakeholders in Gweru are preparing the 2023 budget.

The associations include the Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association (GRRA), Gweru United Progressive Residents and Ratepayers Development Association and the Gweru Residents Association.

“Council should stop tariff review on all services until December 2022. There is need for reduction of the 20-kilolitre estimated bills in high-density suburbs to five kilolitres and from 30 kilolitres to 10 kilolitres in low-density suburbs,” the residents said.

They want GCC to remove 5% per annum on residents’ debts, and to stop attaching defaulters’ property, as well as to implement a 50% reduction on all services to senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Council was represented at the meeting by finance director Livingstone Churu and councillors Charles Chikozho (ward 10) and Edson Kurebgaseka (ward 9).

GRRA director Cornelia Selipiwe told Southern Eye that:  “GCC said it will give feedback on our demands on October 26, 2022.”

In recent weeks, residents have been clashing with council on the issue of estimated bills after council started attaching property of residents with outstanding bills. The local authority is owed over $3 billion in unpaid rates.

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