‘Zim policies ineffective’

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Opposition FreeZim Congress believes Zimbabwe’s economy needs effective policies to be self-sufficient.

In a report titled Five key Policies for High Impact Positive Social Change and Development, FreeZim Congress said Zimbabwe had 60 different types of minerals, 40 of which have been practically mined. The industry is worth about US$1,9 trillion and includes the top five lithium deposits  in the world.

The report said the economy was uncomplicated as it is rich and can be self-reliant.

“Zimbabwe’s economy is simple, not complicated, not complex and potentially, competitively rich enough to be self–sufficient,” the report read

“It needs innovative, progressive leadership with correctly connected socio-economic implementable and effective policies that are people driven and development-centred to attain self-determination.”

The party said rule of law and governance were key in this endeavour, while eliminating corruption, patronage, executive luxuries and other cancerous practices were also paramount to achieving self-sufficiency.

The party said Zimbabwe needed to create economic hubs that are functional and compete regionally in order to create jobs. The tax rate should be reduced to 10%, while individuals’ taxes must be pegged at 25%, FreeZim Congress said, adding that government should invest heavily in research and development in order to maximise value from natural resources.

The report said Zimbabwe needed an equilateral triangle of independence which is socio-political, economic and territorial.

The FreeZim Congress added that Zimbabwe craved for leaders with experience, deep understanding and strong relations with major trading partners such as South Africa, China and Russia.

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