Kae Chaps, R Peels beef escalates

Kae Chaps has, however, thrown a salvo at R Peels in his verse on Ihulumende with a catchy Ndebele chorus by Calvin Mangena.

IT seems the beef between singers Kae Chaps and R Peels has reached another level as the former has dissed the latter through Ihulumende, his fresh hip-hop release.

Born Kudakwashe Chapepa, Kae Chaps is famed for his hit song Juzi which propelled him to stardom.

The latest song, Ihulumende is a collaboration of several artistes including Holy Ten, Saintfloew, Bagga, Calvin Mangena, Bling4, M Killer, Voltz JT, Kae Chaps, Nutty O, Brian Jeck and Michael Magz.

It is the first time Kae Chaps has replied to R Peels — real name Tanaka Bruce Mungoyo — through song since last year when the latter released a song titled Julius Malema taking jibes at the Juzi hitmaker.

R Peels was riled by Kae Chaps’ actions before releasing his much-hyped 45-track album titled Zviri Evabeautiful 2.

R Peels is on record expressing disappointment on Twitter as he expected the Gehena singer to shoot back since he once put a verse for free on his song called Kwete This Time.

Kae Chaps has, however, thrown a salvo at R Peels in his verse on Ihulumende with a catchy Ndebele chorus by Calvin Mangena.

“...even R Peels akutsvaga baba kunge mwana wemusango (looking for a father like an illegitimate child)”, sang Kae Chaps.

The line has generated heated debate on social media among followers of hip-hop music.

Kae Chaps explained the diss line to NewsDay Life & Style.

“In this context baba ndini. R Peels akutonditsvagawo kunge mwana wemusango (looking for me like an illegitimate child). What I meant is that I have been quiet, and he has been trying to push me to do things I do not want to do,” Kae Chaps noted.

The singer also explained the cause of his fallout with R Peels.

“What happened is that I and R Peels were once good companions until I refused to feature on one of his songs,” he said.

“I had recorded something, but I ended up not feeling it and decided to hold the project. I explained to him that I was not comfortable with what I had done, but he kept persisting till I decided to quit the whole deal.”

Kae Chaps continued: “He then started to go on Twitter saying a lot of stuff and nonsense, but I kept quiet until now. I was waiting for the right time when you least expect it.

“I had to show him that I am not soft and I am also a hip-hop artiste and I can rap too.”

The song has been met with mixed reactions from music followers on social media.

R Peels told NewsDay Life & Style that he will not comment on the diss by Kae Chaps.

The Zim hip-hop genre has been evolving and growing. It is now one of the dominating genres on social media and music platforms.

From 2020, new stars have emerged notably Holy Ten, Voltz JT, Saintfloew, Bling4, among others.

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