Letter to my people: Putin’s puppets are going against the wind

The public support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has clearly shown that when it comes to being tone deaf, Ngwena has no equal.

My Dear People

The dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion has ditched all pretence of neutrality to give its full backing to the current massacre of Ukrainian citizens by Russia.

Many African countries have taken a neutral stance with a delegation from the continent even travelling to meet Russian leader Vladimir Putin to negotiate an end to the atrocities  in Ukraine that began in February last year.

Even the continental economic powerhouse South Africa, who are in the same economic grouping with Russia  known as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), has baulked at backing Putin’s decision to eviscerate Ukraine.     

Such reservations though are not for Ngwena who has nailed his colours to the mast in support of the Russian strongman, who faces a global  arrest warrant as a result  of the attack on the eastern European country. Munopenga!!! 

Whether it is the promise of free grain to the country made by the Russian strongman at the summit he hosted recently with African leaders in St Petersburg or the excitement of the recent delivery of helicopters from the European country, the Lacoste leader has thrown caution to the wind to publicly support Putin’s aggression that has appalled nearly every country across the globe.

This is not surprising given that both  Putin and Ngwena are dyed in the wool of dictators and they are staunch believers of imprisoning opposition politicians such as Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and   senior  Citizens Coalition for Change  official Job Sikhala.

Both dictators have no compunction in crushing democratic protests with Ngwena’s soldiers having killed at least a dozen individuals to quell protests in August 2018 and in January 2019.

The public support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has clearly shown that when it comes to being tone deaf, Ngwena has no equal.

It is now clear that we are being led by Russian puppets. They are doing all they can to turn Zimbabwe into a client state for Moscow in exchange for gifts such as second hand helicopters.


The Lacoste leader has been on the campaign trail countrywide seeking another five year term to further entrench the levels of poverty in the country through his regime’s bankrupt policies.

The rallies have been well attended, but this is not because those who attend the rallies are enamored of the octogenarian leader, far from it. 

The attendance has been forced upon most of the citizens by Ngwena’s menacing henchmen brandishing attendance registers for effect.

 I am sure most of those who attend these meetings would rather watch paint dry than attend the Lacoste leader’s dreadfully dull rallies.

I cannot fathom what is worse for the poor folks either sitting in the scorching sun for hours waiting for a speech by Ngwena, which will undoubtedly be bland and characterised by empty promises or being forced to sit through the entire insufferable monologue by the Lacoste leader  that can be best  described as repetitive dross.

What is worse is when they are forced to line up for a loaf of bread  each accompanied by the unedifying tussles that occur with some fighting to grab the food being thrown at them.

This is not only dehumanising, but also a reflection of the contempt in which they are held by the very leaders seeking their vote.

The disgraceful orgy of violence against the Citizens Coalition for Change supporters by Zanu PF thugs continues with the attack on those who attended a rally addressed by CCC leader Nero in Nyanga as well as the callous murder of a CCC supporter in  Glen Norah, Harare .

These dastardly acts are clearly an indication  that despite the Lacoste regime’s boasts that  it is confident of  a comfortable win at the polls on August 23, fears abound of the momentum being gathered by the opposition party.

Given that Ngwena’s cabal has only fulfilled 16 of the 238 pledges made in 2018 which translates to paltry 7% according to a report, it is clear, that the regime that barreled into power through guns and tanks, has moved to the only campaign method it knows best which is the use of knobkerries and other weapons to instill fear.

After all, Generari declared at a rally in February last year that his party will crush the CCC like lice, a threat that he has not backed off on despite subsequent calls for peace and a manifestation of which we are witnessing.

I am sure  that you, my fellow Zimbabweans, are deeply regretting celebrating the coup that resulted in the unfortunate removal of Gushungo whose wisdom is sorely missed.

I feel elated that the CCC aspiring parliamentarians in the city of Bulawayo will contest the elections after the Supreme Court quashed a High Court ruling barring them from doing so due to having filed their nomination papers well after the 4pm deadline. 

I cannot help, but suspect that the High Court ruling was not upheld as it could have resulted in some Zanu PF senior politicians meeting the same fate having also filed nomination papers after the deadline.

If the  Zanu PF candidates were to be disqualified, it would be  a major embarrassment for the Lacoste cabal kkkk.

 I hope these CCC individuals have learnt, from this scare,  of the importance of filing nomination papers early and not trooping into the nomination courts with just one hour remaining before the deadline.


Gushungo chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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