New world order beckons: Is Zim ready for it?

Zimbabwe is suffering under US sanctions imposed at the turn of the millennium through the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001.

ZIMBABWE is one country which would benefit a great deal if a new world order materialises.

We all must have read about this new world where the United States will no longer lead the world through the dominance of its currency, the US dollar.

Because of the US dollar, the whole world has been at the beck and call of one country creating a unipolar world.

With the growth of China to become the second biggest economy and poised to overtake the US in a few years’ time, the Asian country is ready to challenge for the top. This has been long coming.

China spearheaded the formation of BRICS, originally a coalition of the fastest growing economies that included Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, but now attracting some of the richest countries around the world outside the European Union.

Many countries have for long objected to America’s use of its dollar muscle to dominate the world through unconventional means such as sanctions, blatant sabotage and regime change.

The US military is all over the world either starting wars or pretending to stop them, yet it has become apparent that all these military interventions are aimed at reinforcing American hegemony.

Zimbabwe is suffering under US sanctions imposed at the turn of the millennium through the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001.

Zimbabwe’s atrocious human rights record particularly between 2000 and 2002 have been cited as one of the reasons for the sanctions.

The situation worsened when the ruling Zanu PF party embarked on a fast-track land reform programme which saw white commercial farmers lose their land to blacks who had been disadvantaged for over a century.

It is estimated that Zimbabwe lost as much as, if not more than, US$40 billion due to the sanctions which entail among other things that the country cannot access credit from lenders across the globe and that every transnational financial earning can only be repatriated to Zimbabwe through Swift.

If the new world order comes to pass, it may free Zimbabwe from the shackles of American manipulation as it will enable it to ditch the petrodollar and trade through other currencies such as the Chinese yuan.

But is Zimbabwe ready for this? Not with poor leadership and dysfunctional institutions dominating governance!

Over the past 43 years the governmental system has become a cancer that has metastasised.

Every organ of the State has been affected and the country has stagnated.

Besides the sanctions, this state of affairs can be attributed to especially opaque governance that has become inherently inefficient, ineffective and corrupt.

If the new world order takes root and Zimbabwe remains in the state it is, then it will derive little benefit from the new development.

What is needed is a clean-up operation to rid the country of cancerous cells and make sure our national institutions go through renaissance that will see them ready for the new order and thus deliver economic growth and prosperity.

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