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Zim now one of the fastest growing African economies

Corruption persists like a festering wound slowly spreading to all of the state’s institutions.
By Respect Gwenzi Dec. 2, 2022
Power plant shutdown  imperils growth targets… experts see headwinds in ZRA’s radical Lake Kariba action
Power plant shutdown imperils growth targets… experts see headwinds in ZRA’s radical Lake Kariba action
Before the 2018 bold revamp, Kariba had a 750MW installed capacity.
By Shame Makoshori Dec. 2, 2022
More pain as Ncube ignores ordinary citizens in budget
Ncube, in his budget presentation, maintained the unpopular 2% Intermediated Money Transfer Tax (IMMT).
By Tinashe Kairiza Dec. 2, 2022
New perspectives: Pro-poor lens review of budget
The lack of sufficient full, productive and decent jobs is complicating efforts to end poverty.
By Prosper Chitambara Dec. 2, 2022
China’s digital influence in Africa (II)
China has positioned itself as a global leader in the development and export of video games and Apps, which are widely accepted as having surveillance capabilities.
By Chris Musonza Dec. 2, 2022
Analysis of the 2023 budget
Key risks for 2023 emanate from the uneven distribution of rainfall, power cutsand contingent liabilities from State Enterprises and Parastatals (SEPs).
By Victor Bhoroma Dec. 2, 2022
Retention bonuses: What you need to know
Retention bonuses, which companies pay to keep employees from leaving the organisation
By Memory Nguwi Dec. 2, 2022
MPs sleep better in new, warmer parly
Some people have been crying for unity of purpose between our politicians. What better show of unity is there than this?
By Muckracker Dec. 2, 2022
Silence in the face of injustice is complicity 
I LOVE me a good pork grill and I have discovered a butchery at Specimen in Glen Norah that sells the most delicious pork chops that bring a certain level of glory.
By Grace Chirenje Dec. 2, 2022
Karo mining to list first bond on VFEX
PLANS initiated by Karo Mining Holdings (KMH) are underway to list a first-of-its-kind USD fixed income instrument on the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange.
By Tafara Mtutu Dec. 2, 2022
The amazing history of money in Zim
Both Vande and Jotham were supposed to report for work at Hereens Farm   on the same day.
By Noah Muzorori Dec. 2, 2022
The green piggy bank on your cell phone
As a result, he recommends investment strategies that are entirely based on monitoring the Fed and its effect on monetary and credit policy.
By Batanai Matsika Dec. 2, 2022
Loans, corruption and politics
Oxford and other Ivy League universities, the Zanu PF old guard, have once again, adopted unorthodox means of political survival.
By Brian Chitemba Dec. 2, 2022
New Horizon: Leveraging MSMEs growth through free trade in Africa
The main purpose of regional integration is to increase Africa’s visibility in the global market and enhancing domestic economies.
By Vanessa Jaravaza Dec. 2, 2022
Using social media to fight drug abuse
The public is heavily influenced by the power of television and social  media.
By Jacob Mutisi Dec. 2, 2022
How can ethics help curb graft in the public sector?
There are many probable ways of setting ethical standards and of establishing an ethics infrastructure or ethics system, which includes the following:
By Chris Munodawafa Dec. 2, 2022
Gender gap still exists in media
In 0 of 17 markets did the percentage of women holding top business positions exceed 25%. The highest performer was the Philippines with 22%.
By Gabriella Siciliano Dec. 2, 2022
Pfumvudza everyone’s child
Food security lessens the government’s burden on the fiscus and hence Pfumvunza/Intwasa is everyone's concern.
By Kudakwashe Gwabanayi Dec. 2, 2022
News Perspectives: Zim’s ‘economic hit men’
Zimbabwe’s political elite have incubated their own version of “Economic Hit Men” who are responsible for the economic mess that the country finds itself in.
By Gorden Moyo Nov. 25, 2022
Accountant’s role in OROs and FROs
The emotional and or sentimental side of things comes up frequently in those who birthed and nursed the business.
By Kaynos Chipangura Nov. 25, 2022
Zim’s tough foreign exchange regime suffocating economy
The astronomic growth in money supply has been the biggest contributor to artificial demand for foreign currency and price instability in Zimbabwe in the past five years.
By Victor Bhoroma Nov. 25, 2022
Executive assistant job
The executive assistant frees the executive from administrative work so they can concentrate on critical strategic issues.
By Memory Nguwi Nov. 25, 2022
Piggy’s Trading & Investing Tips: Cards or shares?
While most people would like to think of it as entertainment, one observation made by Piggy was that it was more than just the games.
By Batanai Matsika Nov. 25, 2022
New Horizon: Attitude a major barrier for achieving disability inclusion
The Constitution for Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) Act, 2013 provides for disability and clearly recognises the rights of people with disabilities.
By Deborah Tigere Nov. 25, 2022
Is Zim headed towards a technical recession?
When this article was written, The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange's nominal growth for the year-to-date (YTD) period ending 15/11 in 2022 was 28,79%.
By Respect Gwenzi Nov. 25, 2022
Reflections from the CFU congress
It is remarkable human capital and I have always wondered how that resource could be tapped for the common good.
By Taruvinga Magwiroto Nov. 25, 2022
COP27: A glass half full
So much for the philosophy. What actually happened at Sharm-al-Sheikh?
By Gwynne Dyer Nov. 25, 2022
Shocking mystery of ‘fake’ SC judgement
On July 4, 2022, the Supreme Court handed down judgment in the matter of Zesa Holdings (Private) Limited and Obson Matunja.
By Teererai Mafukidze Nov. 25, 2022