2023 audit report: Local authorities systems rotten

Addressing these issues is critical in complementing the central government's efforts to improve and achieve sustainable development goals
By Zvikomborero Sibanda Jul. 19, 2024
Borrowed happiness, loaned inequality: Order of oppression
Borrowed happiness, loaned inequality: Order of oppression
The Western view Africa as a scar on the conscience of humanity when they themselves forget that they are the co-authors of the continent`s misfortunes and challenges.
By Ignetious Banda Jul. 19, 2024
Civic engagements beyond elections
The Kenyan protests offer valuable lessons in youth engagement and the power of social media.
By Munyaradzi Mapfumo Jul. 19, 2024
Editor’s Memo: De-dollarisation: Policy consistency needed
Zimbabwe has battled currency instability over the years. One of the reasons for this is policy inconsistency.
By Faith Zaba Jul. 19, 2024
Ensuring inclusion of persons with disabilities
When managing climate change and implementing Zimbabwe's Nationally Determined
By Darlington Muyambwa Jul. 19, 2024
The impact of AI on creative industries
In contrast, we observe that the successes of machine learning in domains with fewer constraints, where AI is the "creator", remain modest.
By Naison Bangure Jul. 19, 2024
Life’s cycles: A road to growth
Roadworks ... The current disruptions may be frustrating, but are a necessary part of the process that will ultimately lead to a more connected and efficient transport network.
By Grace Chirenje Jul. 19, 2024
World View: Trump: Neither unique nor irreplaceable
 Seven presidents out of forty-five have been killed or wounded by a would-be assassin’s bullet.
By Gwynne Dyer Jul. 19, 2024
US$15m Masholds project nears completion
The property giant bagged four awards at the ceremony - director of the year–listed companies, board of the year, chairperson of the year, and overall director of the year.
By Staff Writer Jul. 19, 2024
Include natural forests in national development plans
Trees are also being cut down throughout the country's forests, for the production of charcoal which is then resold in various rural and urban markets.
By Kevin Tutani Jul. 19, 2024
Ceteris Paribus: Funeral assurance in Zim: A look into market viability
Fidelity Life, with the most diverse revenue streams, held only an 8% market share
By Tinashe Duma Jul. 19, 2024
Candid Comment: Why Mnangagwa must take a road trip to Vic Falls
President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been full of energy when it comes to his huge infrastructure revamp programme.
By Shame Makoshori Jul. 19, 2024
Motoring: INEOS Grenadier now in Zim
That is the proper place to take this beast — not for a stroll around town. When driven, it begs to go on jagged roads.
By Andrew Muzamhindo Jul. 19, 2024
Muckracker: The discord for a third term
Critics were quick to pounce. Our owner, we were told, is a constitutionalist. The third-term narrative was created by the opposition to demonise our righteous and brave leader.
By Muckraker Jul. 19, 2024
Embracing the humanistic approach to leadership
While this approach may lead to short-term results, it overlooks long-term factors such as engagement, loyalty, and ethical considerations.
By Anthony Jongwe Jul. 19, 2024
Regulation has put Zim at transformation forefront
All importers of ICT products and services are required to obtain a valid import license.
By Jacob Mutisi Jul. 19, 2024
Endless possibilities with supply chain optimisation
It will, therefore, allow supply chain professionals to do more in less time, with fewer resources, with less effort, creating a lower cost operating environment.
By Charles Nyika Jul. 19, 2024
Slow AI penetration in Africa
Penetration of AI in Southern Africa will be expected to be employed in all forms of productive processes like manufacturing, education, hospitality, agriculture, communication and so on.
By Taurai Mabhachi and Nkosikhona Sibanda Jul. 19, 2024
Will the UK election bring a new direction in Africa?
In collaboration with partners, the UK could once again become a leader in development thinking and practice, providing new approaches while reviving older ones.
By Ian Scoones Jul. 12, 2024
Joe Biden now a lost cause
The drip-feed is the killer. Each “gaffe” on its own is minor, but without an autocue Biden now often serves up a word salad. Take the 48 hours of Thursday and Friday, July 4 and 5.
By Gwynne Dyer Jul. 12, 2024
Foton to dominate Zim market
In response to consumer demand, Foton has introduced commercial vehicle goods tailored to the local market, capitalising on a valuable market opportunity.
By Andrew Muzamhindo Jul. 12, 2024
How the international financial system exports extinction to DRC
In 2008, for example, the DRC gave two Chinese companies exclusive rights until 2030 to mine and export 10 million megatons of copper and 600,000 megatons of cobalt.
By Tova Gasterjuly Jul. 12, 2024
Another year of looting in the Second Republic
The police response bowled Muck over: “Investigations into such cases are complex,” said the insufferable guy who speaks on behalf of the police, Paul Nyathi.
By Muckracker Jul. 12, 2024
The power of community spaces
This model can be replicated and adapted to address the unique needs of various communities, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.
By Grace Chirenje Jul. 12, 2024
Zacc must stay focused on Zecgate
The inflated prices are staggering, with an HP server-Proliant DL380 Gen 10 supplied at US$1,26 million, while the same product costs a mere US$4,695 on Amazon. 
By Mthandazo Nyoni Jul. 12, 2024
Ncube’s plot to destroy tech start-ups
The uncertainty created by government’s delays in giving guidelines is counterproductive.
By Shame Makoshori Jul. 12, 2024
OK Zimbabwe’s first dividend miss in years
However, this is just an indication, and a deeper analysis might be required to understand why a company initiated or skipped a dividend payment.
By Rufaro Hozheri Jul. 12, 2024
Streamlining migration, climate change to policy frameworks
Further, it has been noted that women and girls, along with other vulnerable groups such as persons with disabilities (PWDs) are disproportionately affected by such threats.
By Ronald Zvendiya Jul. 12, 2024