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Disgruntled chrome miners meet govt over poor prices

The meeting was chaired by Mines ministry chief director Mercy Manyuchi last week.
By Julia Ndlela Sep. 2, 2022

Feature: Horrors of high unemployment

For Vushe, the day starts off, bright and early, like any formally employed Zimbabwean.
By Julia Ndlela Sep. 9, 2022

Looting fears mount ...as markets digest gold fee hike

Several estimates have indicated that up to US$100 million was being spirited out of the domestic market monthly, through smuggling.
By Julia Ndlela Mar. 24, 2023

Retail chain Choppies fights embarrassing Gweru eviction

Africa Flea Market is cited as first respondent, with the Sheriff of the High Court cited as the second respondent.
By Julia Ndlela Aug. 4, 2023

‘Zim economic policies breeding investor scepticism’

VFEX is an alternative stock exchange established in 2020 as a subsidiary of the main Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE), operating out of the Victoria Falls Special Economic Zone.
By Julia Ndlela Aug. 7, 2023

Feature: Lawfare undermining Zim election legitimacy

Lawfare is defined as the misuse of legal systems and principles against an opponent to damage or delegitimise them.
By Julia Ndlela Aug. 18, 2023

Doubts abound over Zim poll credibility

Mnangagwa has preached peace in church gatherings and at his star rallies countrywide.

Father Mukonori warns against post-poll violence

The last election held in 2018 saw Mnangagwa beating then MDC Alliance president Chamisa by a razor-thin margin.
By Julia Ndlela and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Aug. 25, 2023

Potraz appeals to govt on US$ pricing

The country’s telecommunication sector has been facing a serious pricing headache on the back of a biting hyperinflation and an unstable macroeconomic environment.
By Julia Ndlela Sep. 3, 2023